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Calculated Excited Electronic State Energies

So far we have only a few excited state calculations. Mostly just diatomics with small singlet triplet gaps:
B B- Al- C Si N Li2 Be2 B2 BH- Al2 BC BC- BC+ C2 C2+ CH Si2 SiC Ge2 BeN BeN+ BN NH LiN AlN CP+ PH SiP+ GaN AsH CO OH+ LiO- LiO+ NO- O2 NS- PS- S2 SH+ SO ZnS Se2 HSe+ SeO CF- NF SiF- PF SF+ ClO+ NCl PCl SCl+ AsF BH2- C2H+ CH2 SiH2 NH2+ NCN BO2+ CCO HO2+ HCS- CF2 HCF SiF2 HCCl CHBr CCH2 ZnCH2 CH3COCH3

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