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II.B.3. (XII.A.3.)

List of experimental bond lengths for bond type rPH

Bond lengths in Å.
Click on an entry for more experimental geometry data.
bond type Species Name Length Comment
rPH P2H4 H2PPH2 1.414 outside
rPH P2H4 H2PPH2 1.417 inside
rPH CH2PH H2CPH 1.420
rPH PH3 Phosphine 1.421
rPH PH phosphorus monohydride 1.422 re
rPH CH3PH2 Methyl phosphine 1.423
rPH PH2 Phosphino radical 1.428
rPH HPO HPO 1.433
Average 1.422 ±0.006
Min 1.414
Max 1.433