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II.B.3. (XII.A.3.)

List of experimental bond lengths for bond type rSiCl

Bond lengths in Å.
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bond type Species Name Length Comment
rSiCl SiCl4 Silane, tetrachloro- 2.019 !assumed tetrahedral
rSiCl SiHCl3 Trichlorosilane 2.020 rs value
rSiCl SiCl3CH3 methyltrichlorosilane 2.026
rSiCl SiH2Cl2 dichlorosilane 2.033 +-0.003
rSiCl SiH3Cl chlorosilane 2.051 r0 value
rSiCl SiCl Clorosilylidyne 2.061 r0
rSiCl SiCl2 Dichlorosilylene 2.076
Average 2.041 ±0.022
Min 2.019
Max 2.076