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Index of species in the CCCBDB by IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (INChI)

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Molecules in the CCCBDB

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casno formula name INChI SMILES sketch other names
12385136 H- Hydrogen atom anion InChI=1S/H/q-1 [H-] H-  
12385136 H Hydrogen atom InChI=1/H [H] H   H-atom; Hydrogen; Hydrogen atom; Hydrogen radical
12385136 H+ Hydrogen atom cation InChI=1S/p+1 [H+] H+  
16873179 D- Deuterium atom anion InChI=1S/H/q-1/i1+1 [2H-] D-  
16873179 D Deuterium atom InChI=1/H/i1+1 [2H] D   Deuterium; Deuterium atom
16873179 D+ Deuterium atom cation InChI=1S/p+1/i1+1 [2H+] D+  
13983205 HD Deuterium hydride InChI=1/H2/h1H/i1+1 [H][2H]   Deuterium hydride; Deuterium, mol. with hydrogen; Hydrogen-d1
7782390 D2 Deuterium diatomic InChI=1/H2/h1H/i1+1D [2H][2H]   Deuterium; UN 1957; diduterium
1333740 H2- hydrogen diatomic anion InChI=1S/H2/h1H/q-1 [H][H-]  
1333740 H2 Hydrogen diatomic InChI=1/H2/h1H [H][H]   Hydrogen; Molecular hydrogen; o-Hydrogen; p-Hydrogen; UN 1966; UN 1049; dihydrogen
1333740 H2+ Hydrogen cation InChI=1S/H2/h1H/q+1 [H][H+]  
28132481 H3+ hydrogen trimer cation InChI=1S/H3/c1-2-3-1/q+1  
7440597 He- Helium atom anion InChI=1S/He/q-1 [He-] He-  
7440597 He Helium atom InChI=1/He [He] He   UN 1046; UN 1963; Helium
7440597 He+ Helium atom cation InChI=1S/He/q+1 [He+] He+  
9000184 He2+ helium dimer cation InChI=1S/He2/c1-2/q+1 [He][He+]  
9000219 HeH Helium hydride InChI=1S/HHe/h1H [HeH]  
9000219 HeH+ Helium hydride cation InChI=1S/HHe/h1H/q+1 [He][H+]  
7439932 Li- Lithium atom anion InChI=1S/Li/q-1 [Li-] Li-  
7439932 Li Lithium atom InChI=1/Li [Li] Li   Lithium; UN 1415
7439932 Li+ Lithium atom cation InChI=1S/Li/q+1 [Li+] Li+  
7580678 LiH- lithium hydride anion InChI=1S/Li.H/q-1; [LiH-]  
7580678 LiH Lithium Hydride InChI=1/Li.H [LiH]   Hydrure de lithium; Lithium hydride; Lithium hydride (LiH); UN 1414; UN 2805
7580678 LiH+ lithium hydride cation InChI=1S/Li.H/q+1; [LiH+]  
7440417 Be- Beryllium atom anion InChI=1S/Be/q-1 [Be-] Be-  
7440417 Be Beryllium atom InChI=1/Be [Be] Be   Beryllium; Beryllium-9; Glucinium; Glucinum; Rcra waste number P015; UN 1567
7440417 Be+ Beryllium atom cation InChI=1S/Be/q+1 [Be+] Be+  
13597972 BeH- berylium monohydride anion InChI=1S/Be.H/q-1; [BeH-]  
13597972 BeH beryllium monohydride InChI=1/Be.H [BeH]   Beryllium hydride
13597972 BeH+ beryllium monohydride cation InChI=1S/Be.H/q+1; [BeH+]  
7787522 BeH2 beryllium dihydride InChI=1/Be.2H [BeH2]   Beryllium hydride
7787522 BeH2+ Beryllium dihydride cation InChI=1S/Be.2H/q+1;; [BeH2+]  
7440428 B- Boron atom anion InChI=1S/B/q-1 [B-] B-  
7440428 B Boron atom InChI=1/B [B] B   Boron
7440428 B+ Boron atom cation InChI=1S/B/q+1 [B+] B+  
13766262 BH- boron monohydride anion InChI=1S/BH/h1H/q-1 [BH-]  
13766262 BH Boron monohydride InChI=1/BH/h1H [BH]   Borane; Borane(1)
13766262 BH+ boron monohydride cation InChI=1S/BH/h1H/q+1 [BH+]  
14452643 BH2- boron dihydride anion InChI=1S/BH2/h1H2/q-1 [BH2-]  
14452643 BH2 boron dihydride InChI=1/BH2/h1H2 [BH2]   BH2 Radical; Borane(2); Boron dihydride
14452643 BH2+ Boron dihydride cation InChI=1S/BH2/h1H2/q+1 [BH2+]  
13283313 BH3- boron trihydride anion InChI=1S/BH3/h1H3/q-1 [BH3-]  
13283313 BH3 boron trihydride InChI=1/BH3/h1H3 B   Borane; Borane(3)
13283313 BH3+ boron trihydride cation InChI=1S/BH3/h1H3/q+1 [BH3+]  
16971292 BH4- borohydride anion InChI=1S/BH4/h1H4/q-1 [BH4-]  
7440440 C- Carbon atom anion InChI=1S/C/q-1 [C-] C-  
7440440 C Carbon atom InChI=1/C [C] C   Carbon
7440440 C+ Carbon atom cation InChI=1S/C/q+1 [C+] C+  
3315375 CH- methylidyne anion InChI=1S/CH/h1H/q-1 [CH-]  
3315375 CH Methylidyne InChI=1/CH/h1H [CH]   Methylidyne
3315375 CH+ Methylidyne cation InChI=1S/CH/h1H/q+1 [CH+]  
2465567 CH2- methylene anion InChI=1S/CH2/h1H2/q-1 [CH2-]  
2465567 CH2 Methylene InChI=1/CH2/h1H2 [CH2]   Methylene
2465567 CH2+ methylene cation InChI=1S/CH2/h1H2/q+1 [CH2+]  
2229074 CH3- methyl anion InChI=1S/CH3/h1H3/q-1 [CH3-]  
2229074 CH3 Methyl radical InChI=1/CH3/h1H3 [CH3]   Methyl; Methyl radical
2229074 CH3+ methyl cation InChI=1S/CH3/h1H3/q+1 [CH3+]  
676493 CH3D methane-d InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4 C  
676551 CH2D2 methane-d2 InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4 C  
676802 CHD3 methane-d3 InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4 C  
558203 CD4 methane-d4 InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4 C  
74828 CH4 Methane InChI=1/CH4/h1H4 C   Biogas; Fire damp; Marsh gas; Methane; Methyl hydride; R 50; UN 1971; UN 1972
74828 CH4+ Methane cation InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/q+1 [CH4+]  
17778880 N- Nitrogen atom anion InChI=1S/N/q-1 [N-] N-  
17778880 N Nitrogen atom InChI=1/N [N] N   N; Nitrogen atom; Nitrogen radical; nitrogen
17778880 N+ Nitrogen atom cation InChI=1S/N/q+1 [N+] N+  
13774920 NH- Imidogen anion InChI=1S/HN/h1H/q-1 [NH-]  
13774920 NH Imidogen InChI=1/HN/h1H [NH]   Imidogen; Imino
13774920 NH+ imidogen cation InChI=1S/HN/h1H/q+1 [NH+]  
13770406 NH2- amino anion InChI=1S/H2N/h1H2/q-1 [NH2-]  
13770406 NH2 Amino radical InChI=1/H2N/h1H2 [NH2]   Amidogen; Amino radical
13770406 NH2+ Amino cation InChI=1S/H2N/h1H2/q+1 [NH2+]  
15117847 ND2 Amidogen-d2 InChI=1/H2N/h1H2/i1D2 [N]([2H])[2H]   Amidogen-D2
13550497 ND3 Ammonia-d3 InChI=1/H3N/h1H3/i/hD3 N([2H])([2H])[2H]   Ammonia-d3-
7664417 NH3 Ammonia InChI=1/H3N/h1H3 N   Ammonia; Ammonia gas; Ammonia, anhydrous; Anhydrous ammonia; Aromatic Ammonia, Vaporole; Nitro-Sil; Spirit of Hartshorn; azane
7664417 NH3+ ammonia cation InChI=1S/H3N/h1H3/q+1 [NH3+]  
14798039 NH4+ ammonium cation InChI=1S/H3N/h1H3/p+1 [NH4+]  
17778802 O- Oxygen atom anion InChI=1S/O/q-1 [O-] O-  
17778802 O Oxygen atom InChI=1/O [O] O   Atomic oxygen; Oxygen; Oxygen atom; Oxygen(sup 3P); Oxygen, atomic; Photooxygen; Singlet oxygen
17778802 O+ Oxygen atom cation InChI=1S/O/q+1 [O+] O+  
13587547 DO Hydroxyl-d InChI=1/HO/h1H/i1D [2HO]   Hydroxyl-D
3352576 OH- hydroxide anion InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/p-1 [OH-]   Hydroxyl anion; Hydroxyl; hydroxide
3352576 OH Hydroxyl radical InChI=1/HO/h1H [OH]   Hydroxy radical; Hydroxyl; Hydroxy radical; Hydroxy
3352576 OH+ hydoxyl cation InChI=1S/HO/h1H/q+1 [OH+]  
7732185 H2O- water anion InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/q-1 [OH2-]  
7732185 H2O Water InChI=1/H2O/h1H2 O   Dihydrogen oxide; Distilled water; Ice; Water vapor; Water; oxidane
7732185 H2O+ water cation InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/q+1 [OH2+]  
7789200 D2O Deuterium oxide InChI=1/H2O/h1H2/i/hD2 O([2H])[2H]   Deuterium oxide; Dideuterium oxide; Heavy water; Heavy water-d2; Water(sup 2)-H2; Water, heavy; Water-d2
14940637 HDO Water-d1 InChI=1/H2O/h1H2/i/hD O[2H]   Water-D1
13968086 H3O+ hydronium InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/p+1 [OH3+]  
14762948 F- Fluorine atom anion InChI=1S/FH/h1H/p-1 [F-] F-  
14762948 F Fluorine atom InChI=1/F F F   Fluorine atom; Fluorine radical; fluorine
14762948 F+ Fluorine atom cation InChI=1S/F/q+1 [F+] F+  
14333267 DF Hydrofluoric acid-d InChI=1/FH/h1H/i/hD F[2H]   Deuterium fluoride; Hydrofluoric acid-d
7664393 HF- hydrogen fluoride anion InChI=1S/FH/h1H/q-1 [FH-]  
7664393 HF Hydrogen fluoride InChI=1/FH/h1H F   Acide fluorhydrique; Acido fluoridrico; Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid; Boron tribromide; Fluoric acid; Fluorowodor; Fluorwasserstoff; Fluorwaterstof; Hydrofluoric acid; Hydrofluoride; Hydrogen fluoride; Rcra waste number U134; Rubigine; UN 1790; UN 1052
7664393 HF+ hydrogen fluoride cation InChI=1S/FH/h1H/q+1 [FH+]  
12206676 H2F+ dihydrogen fluoride cation InChI=1S/FH2/h1H2/q+1 [FH2+]  
7440019 Ne- Neon atom anion InChI=1S/Ne/q-1 [Ne-] Ne-  
7440019 Ne Neon atom InChI=1/Ne [Ne] Ne   UN 1065; UN 1913; Neon
7440019 Ne+ Neon atom cation InChI=1S/Ne/q+1 [Ne+] Ne+  
12200656 NeH neon hydrogen InChI=1S/HNe/h1H [NeH]  
12200656 NeH+ neon hydrogen cation InChI=1S/Ne/p+1 [Ne].[H+]  
7440235 Na- Sodium atom anion InChI=1S/Na/q-1 [Na-] Na-  
7440235 Na Sodium atom InChI=1/Na [Na] Na   NA 1421; Natrium; Sodium; UN 1429; UN 1428
7440235 Na+ Sodium atom cation InChI=1S/Na/q+1 [Na+] Na+  
7646697 NaH- sodium hydride anion InChI=1S/Na.H/q-1; [Na][H-]  
7646697 NaH sodium hydride InChI=1/Na.H [NaH]   NAH 80; Sodium hydride; Sodium hydride (NaH); UN 1427
7646697 NaH+ sodium hydride cation InChI=1S/Na.H/q+1; [Na][H+]  
7439954 Mg- Magnesium atom anion InChI=1S/Mg/q-1 [Mg-] Mg-  
7439954 Mg Magnesium atom InChI=1/Mg [Mg] Mg   Magnesio; Magnesium; Magnesium clippings; Magnesium pellets; Magnesium powder (pyrophoric); Magnesium powdered; Magnesium ribbons; Magnesium turnings; NA 1869; RMC; UN 1418; UN 1869; UN 2950
7439954 Mg+ Magnesium atom cation InChI=1S/Mg/q+1 [Mg+] Mg+  
14332537 MgH- magnesium monohydride anion InChI=1S/Mg.H/q-1; [MgH-]  
14332537 MgH magnesium monohydride InChI=1/Mg.H [MgH]   Magnesium hydride
14332537 MgH+ magnesium monohydride cation InChI=1S/Mg.H/q+1; [MgH+]  
7693278 MgH2 magnesium dihydride InChI=1/Mg.2H [MgH2]   Magnesium hydride
7429905 Al- Aluminum atom anion InChI=1S/Al/q-1 [Al-] Al-  
7429905 Al Aluminum atom InChI=1/Al [Al] Al   Alaun; Aluminium; Aluminum; Aluminum 27
7429905 Al+ Aluminum atom cation InChI=1S/Al/q+1 [Al+] Al+  
13967221 AlH- aluminum monohydride anion InChI=1S/Al.H/q-1; [AlH-]  
13967221 AlH aluminum monohydride InChI=1/Al.H [AlH]   Aluminum hydride
13967221 AlH+ aluminum monohydride cation InChI=1S/Al.H/q+1; [AlH+]  
14457659 AlH2- aluminum dihydride anion InChI=1S/Al.2H/q-1;; [AlH2-]  
14457659 AlH2 aluminum dihydride InChI=1/Al.2H [AlH2]  

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