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Molecules with Na in CCCBDB

Click on the molecule name for links to all the data in the CCCBDB for that molecule.
Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
Na Sodium atom Na+ Sodium atom cation Na- Sodium atom anion
NaH sodium hydride NaH+ sodium hydride cation NaH- sodium hydride anion
NaLi lithium sodium NaLi+ lithium sodium cation NaLi- lithium sodium anion
NaBe Sodium Beryllium
NaO sodium monoxide NaO+ sodium oxide cation NaO- sodium oxide anion
NaF sodium fluoride NaF+ sodium fluoride cation NaF- sodium fluoride anion
Na2 Sodium diatomic Na2+ sodium dimer cation Na2- sodium dimer anion
NaMg Sodium Magnesium
NaCl Sodium Chloride NaCl+ sodium chloride cation NaCl- sodium chloride anion
NaK Sodium Potassium
NaBr Sodium Bromide NaBr+ sodium bromide cation NaBr- sodium bromide anion
NaOH sodium hydroxide
Na2O disodium monoxide
Na2Cl2 Disodium dichloride
NaOCH3 Sodium methoxide
Na2CO3 Sodium Carbonate