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Molecules with S in CCCBDB

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Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
S Sulfur atom S+ Sulfur atom cation S- Sulfur atom anion
DS Mercapto-d
SH Mercapto radical SH+ sulfur monohydride cation SH- mercapto anion
BeS beryllium sulfide BeS+ Beryllium monosulfide cation BeS- Beryllium monosulfide anion
BS boron sulfide BS+ boron monosulfide cation BS- boron monosulfide anion
CS carbon monosulfide CS+ carbon monosulfide cation CS- carbon monosulfide anion
NS Mononitrogen monosulfide NS+ nitrogen sulfide cation NS- nitrogen sulfide anion
SO Sulfur monoxide SO+ sulfur monoxide cation SO- sulfur monoxide anion
SF Monosulfur monofluoride SF+ sulfur monofluoride cation SF- sulfur monofluoride anion
MgS magnesium sulfide MgS+ magnesium sulfide cation MgS- magnesium sulfide anion
AlS Aluminum sulfide AlS+ aluminum monosulfide cation AlS- aluminum monosulfide anion
SiS silicon monosulfide SiS+ silicon monosulfide cation SiS- silicon monosulfide anion
PS phosphorus sulfide PS+ phosphorus monosulfide cation PS- phosphorus monosulfide anion
S2 Sulfur diatomic S2+ sulfur dimer cation S2- sulfur dimer anion
SCl sulfur monochloride SCl+ sulfur monochloride cation SCl- sulfur monochloride anion
ZnS Zinc sulfide
SeS Selenium monosulfide SeS+ selenium monosulfide cation SeS- selenium monosulfide anion
H2S Hydrogen sulfide H2S+ Hydrogen sulfide cation H2S- Hydrogen sulfide anion
D2S Hydrogen sulfide-d2
HBS hydrogen boron sulfide
HCS Thioformyl radical HCS+ Thioformyl cation HCS- Thioformyl anion
OCS Carbonyl sulfide OCS+ Carbonyl sulfide cation
NNS Nitrogen sulfide
SCN thiocyanato radical    SCN- thiocyanide anion
SO2 Sulfur dioxide SO2+ Sulfur dioxide cation SO2- Sulfur dioxide anion
HS2 Thiosulfeno radical
SF2 sulfur difluoride SF2+ sulfur difluoride cation SF2- sulfur difluoride anion
CS2 Carbon disulfide CS2+ Carbon disulfide cation CS2- Carbon disulfide anion
SSO Disulfur monoxide
S3 Sulfur trimer    S3- Sulfur trimer anion
ClS2 Sulfur chloride
SCl2 Sulfur dichloride
GeS2 Germanium disulfide
   H3S+ H3S+
H2CS Thioformaldehyde
SO3 Sulfur trioxide SO3+ Sulfur trioxide cation SO3- Sulfur trioxide anion
F2SO Thionyl Fluoride
SF3 Sulfur trifluoride
FSSF Difluorodisulfane
S2F2 Thio-thionyl fluoride
Cl2CS Thiophosgene
SOCl2 thionyl chloride
S2Cl2 Disulfur dichloride
CH3S thiomethoxy
     SO4-2 sulfate
SO2F2 Sulfuryl fluoride
HSSSH trisulfane
SF4 Sulfur tetrafluoride
SO2Cl2 Sulfuryl chloride
CH3SH Methanethiol
     HSO4- bisulfate anion
HSO3F Fluorosulfonic acid
SF5 Sulfur pentafluoride
C2H4S Thiirane
CH3CHS Thioacetaldehyde
H2SO4 Sulfuric acid
SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride
SF5Cl sulfur chloropentafluoride
NH2CSNH2 Thiourea
S8 Octasulfur
CH3CH2SH ethanethiol
CH3SCH3 Dimethyl sulfide
C4H4S Thiophene
C3H6S Thietane
C3H6S Thiirane, methyl-
CH3CSCH3 Thioacetone
CH3SOCH3 Dimethyl sulfoxide
CH5N3S Hydrazinecarbothioamide
CH2SHCH2SH 1,2-Ethanedithiol
CH3SSCH3 Disulfide, dimethyl
C3H4O2S 2H-Thiete-1,1-dioxide
C2H4N2S2 Ethanedithioamide
C3H4S3 1,3-Dithiolane-2-thione
SF5CF3 Sulfur, pentafluoro(trifluoromethyl)-
CH2CHSCHCH2 Divinyl sulfide
C4H6S Thiophene, 2,3-dihydro-
C4H6S Thiophene, 2,5-dihydro-
C2H6O2S Dimethyl sulfone
C4H5NS 4-Methylthiazole
CH3SSSCH3 dimethyl trisulfide
CH3CHSHCH3 2-Propanethiol
C3H7SH 1-Propanethiol
CH3SCH2CH3 Ethane, (methylthio)-
C5H6S Thiophene, 2-methyl-
C5H6S Thiophene, 3-methyl-
C4H6OS Dihydro-3-(2H)-thiophenone
C4H6OS Dihydro-2-(3H)-thiophenone
C4H6OS Vinyl sulfoxide
C4H6OS 4,5-dihydrothiophene-3-ol
C4H6OS 2,5-dihydrothiophene-3-ol
C4H6OS 4,5-dihydrothiophene-2-ol
C4H6OS 2,3-dihydrothiophene-2-ol
CH6N4S Carbonothioic dihydrazide
C2H6O3S Sulfurous acid, dimethyl ester
C3H6S3 Carbonotrithioic acid, dimethyl ester
C4H8S Thiophene, tetrahydro-
C3H8S2 1,3-Propanedithiol
C4H8OS s-Ethyl thioacetate
C3H8O2S (Methylsulphonyl)ethane
C(CH3)3SH 2-Propanethiol, 2-methyl-
C2H5SC2H5 Diethyl sulfide
CH2(SH)CH(CH3)CH3 1-Propanethiol, 2-methyl-
CH3CH(SH)CH2CH3 2-Butanethiol
CH3C(SCH3)HCH3 Propane, 2-(methylthio)-
C5H10S 2H-Thiopyran, tetrahydro-
C5H10S Cyclopentanethiol
C5H10S Thiophene, tetrahydro-2-methyl-
C5H10S Thiophene, tetrahydro-3-methyl-
C5H10S 3-Ethylthio-1-propene
C4H10OS Diethyl sulfoxide
C4H10S2 1,4-Butanedithiol
C5H12S 1-Pentanethiol
C5H12S 1-Butanethiol, 3-methyl-
C5H12S Butane, 1-(methylthio)-
C5H12S 1-Propanethiol, 2,2-dimethyl-
C5H12S 2-Butanethiol, 2-methyl-
C5H12S 1-Butanethiol, 2-methyl-
C5H12S 2-Butanethiol, 3-methyl-
C5H12S Ethyl propyl sulfide
C5H12S Propane, 2-(ethylthio)-
C5H12S Propane, 2-methyl-2-(methylthio)-