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Molecules with Li in CCCBDB

Click on the molecule name for links to all the data in the CCCBDB for that molecule.
Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
Li Lithium atom Li+ Lithium atom cation Li- Lithium atom anion
LiH Lithium Hydride LiH+ lithium hydride cation LiH- lithium hydride anion
Li2 Lithium diatomic Li2+ lithium diatomic cation Li2- lithium dimer anion
LiBe Lithium Beryllium
LiB Lithium boride
LiC Lithium Carbide
LiN Lithium Nitride LiN+ Lithium Nitride cation
LiO lithium oxide LiO+ lithium oxide cation LiO- lithium oxide anion
LiF lithium fluoride LiF+ lithium fluoride cation LiF- lithium fluoride anion
NaLi lithium sodium NaLi+ lithium sodium cation NaLi- lithium sodium anion
LiMg Lithium magnesium
LiCl lithium chloride LiCl+ lithium chloride cation LiCl- lithium chloride anion
LiK Lithium Potassium
LiBr Lithium Bromide LiBr+ lithium bromide anion LiBr- lithium bromide cation
LiOH lithium hydroxide
Li2O dilithium oxide Li2O+ dilithium oxide cation
CH3Li methyl lithium
LiBH4 Lithium borohydride