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Proton Affinity

Click on formula for calculated relative enthalpies.
Name Species   Species Name
Hydrogen atom H H2+ Hydrogen cation
Helium atom He HeH+ Helium hydride cation
Lithium atom Li LiH+ lithium hydride cation
Beryllium atom Be BeH+ beryllium monohydride cation
Boron atom B BH+ boron monohydride cation
Carbon atom C CH+ Methylidyne cation
Nitrogen atom N NH+ imidogen cation
Oxygen atom O OH+ hydoxyl cation
Fluorine atom F HF+ hydrogen fluoride cation
Neon atom Ne NeH+ neon hydrogen cation
Sodium atom Na NaH+ sodium hydride cation
Magnesium atom Mg MgH+ magnesium monohydride cation
Aluminum atom Al AlH+ aluminum monohydride cation
Silicon atom Si SiH+ silicon monohydride cation
Phosphorus atom P PH+ phosphorus monohydride cation
Sulfur atom S SH+ sulfur monohydride cation
Chlorine atom Cl HCl+ hydrogen chloride cation
Argon atom Ar ArH+ Argon hydride cation
Potassium atom K KH+ Potassium hydrogen cation
Calcium atom Ca CaH+ Calcium monohydride cation
Iron atom Fe H+ Hydrogen atom cation
Arsenic atomic As AsH+ Arsenic monohydride cation
Selenium atom Se HSe+ selenium monohydride cation
Bromine atom Br HBr+ hydrogen bromide cation
Hydrogen diatomic H2 H3+ hydrogen trimer cation
beryllium monohydride BeH BeH2+ Beryllium dihydride cation
Boron monohydride BH BH2+ Boron dihydride cation
Methylidyne CH CH2+ methylene cation
Imidogen NH NH2+ Amino cation
Hydroxyl radical OH H2O+ water cation
Hydrogen fluoride HF H2F+ dihydrogen fluoride cation
Carbon diatomic C2 C2H+ Ethynyl cation
Cyano radical CN HCN+ hydrogen cyanide cation
aluminum monohydride AlH AlH2+ aluminum dihydride cation
Carbon monoxide CO HCO+ Formyl cation
Nitrogen diatomic N2 NNH+ Dinitrogen monohydride cation
Silylidyne SiH SiH2+ silicon dihydride cation
Nitric oxide NO HNO+ Nitrosyl hydride cation
phosphorus monohydride PH PH2+ Phosphino cation
Oxygen diatomic O2 HO2+ Hydroperoxy cation
Mercapto radical SH H2S+ Hydrogen sulfide cation
Hydrogen chloride HCl H2Cl+ dihydrogen monochloride cation
carbon monosulfide CS HCS+ Thioformyl cation
Phosphorus monoxide PO HPO+ HPO cation
Arsenic monohydride AsH AsH2+ Arsenic dihydride cation
Selenium monohydride HSe H2Se+ Hydrogen selenide cation
Bromine monoxide BrO HOBr+ Hypobromous acid cation
boron dihydride BH2 BH3+ boron trihydride cation
Methylene CH2 CH3+ methyl cation
Amino radical NH2 NH3+ ammonia cation
Water H2O H3O+ hydronium
Ethynyl radical C2H C2H2+ acetylene cation
Hydrogen cyanide HCN H2CN+ H2CN+
Hydrogen cyanide HCN CNH2+ CNH2+
Hydrogen cyanide HCN HCNH+ HCNH+
hydrogen isocyanide HNC H2CN+ H2CN+
hydrogen isocyanide HNC CNH2+ CNH2+
hydrogen isocyanide HNC HCNH+ HCNH+
aluminum dihydride AlH2 AlH3+ aluminum trihydride cation
Formyl radical HCO H2CO+ formaldehyde cation
silicon dihydride SiH2 SiH3+ Silyl cation
Phosphino radical PH2 PH3+ Phosphine cation
Hydroperoxy radical HO2 H2O2+ Hydrogen peroxide cation
Hydrogen sulfide H2S H3S+ H3S+
Carbon dioxide CO2 HOCO+ Hydrocarboxyl cation
Nitrogen dioxide NO2 HNO2+ nitrous acid cation
germylene GeH2 GeH3+ germyl cation
Arsenic dihydride AsH2 AsH3+ Arsine cation
Bromine oxide BrOBr HOBr+ Hypobromous acid cation
Methyl radical CH3 CH4+ Methane cation
Ammonia NH3 NH4+ ammonium cation
vinylidene CCH2 C2H3+ vinyl cation
Acetylene C2H2 C2H3+ vinyl cation
Formaldehyde H2CO CH2OH+ hydroxymethyl cation
hydroxycarbene HOCH CH2OH+ hydroxymethyl cation
Silyl radical SiH3 SiH4+ Silane cation
Phosphine PH3 PH4+ phosphonium cation
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 H3O2+ hydrogen peroxide, protonated
ketenyl radical HCCO CH2CO+ Ketene cation
vinyl C2H3 C2H4+ Ethylene cation
Methanimine CH2NH CH2NH2+ methyleneamine cation
Methoxy radical CH3O CH3OH+ Methyl alcohol cation
Hydroxymethyl radical CH2OH CH3OH+ Methyl alcohol cation
Oxirene C2H2O CH3CO+ acetyl cation
Ketene CH2CO CH3CO+ acetyl cation
ethynol HCCOH CH3CO+ acetyl cation
Dioxirane CH2O2 CH3OO+ methylperoxy cation
Formic acid HCOOH CH3OO+ methylperoxy cation
Nitric acid HNO3 H2NO3+ Nitric Acid, Protonated
methylmethylene CH3CH C2H5+ Ethyl cation
Ethylene C2H4 C2H5+ Ethyl cation
Methyl alcohol CH3OH CH3OH2+ Methanol, protonated
formamide CHONH2 H2CONH2+ protonated formamide
hydroxymethylimine HOCHNH H2CONH2+ protonated formamide
Carbonic acid H2CO3 H3CO3+ carbonic acid, protonated
Ethyl radical C2H5 C2H6+ ethane cation
methyl amine CH3NH2 CH3NH3+ protonated methylamine
propyne CH3CCH C3H5+ Allyl cation
allene CH2CCH2 C3H5+ Allyl cation
cyclopropene C3H4 C3H5+ Allyl cation
Ethane C2H6 C2H7+ Ethane, protonated
Guanidine CH5N3 CH6N3+ guanidinium
2-Propanamine, 2-methyl- C(CH3)3NH2 NC4H12+ tetramethyl ammonium cation
1-Propanamine, 2-methyl- C(NH2)H2C(CH3)HCH3 NC4H12+ tetramethyl ammonium cation
1-Butanamine C(NH2)H2CH2CH2CH3 NC4H12+ tetramethyl ammonium cation
2-Butanamine CH3C(NH2)HCH2CH3 NC4H12+ tetramethyl ammonium cation