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Calculated singlet - triplet Gaps for SH+ (sulfur monohydride cation)

Vibrational zero-point energy (zpe) has not been included. Click on an entry for details including zpe.
singlet - triplet gaps in kJ mol-1.
Negative values indicate that the triplet state has a lower energy than the singlet state.
Methods with predefined basis sets

Methods with standard basis sets
3-21G 6-31G* 6-31+G** TZVP
hartree fock HF       -241
density functional SVWN -173 -181 -170  
B3LYP       -178
M06-2X   -174    
PBE1PBE   -198    
Moller Plesset perturbation MP2       -203
B2PLYP   -187    
For descriptions of the methods (AM1, HF, MP2, ...) and basis sets (3-21G, 3-21G*, 6-31G, ...) see the glossary in section I.C. Predefined means the basis set used is determined by the method.