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Transition State Vibrational Frequencies


The one imaginary frequency is shown. Click on an entry for all the vibrational frequencies.
Vibrational frequency in cm-1
Methods with predefined basis sets
semi-empirical AM1 1314i
PM3 1244i

Vibrational frequency in cm-1
Methods with standard basis sets
3-21G 6-31G* 6-31+G** 6-311+G(3df,2p) cc-pVDZ cc-pVTZ aug-cc-pVDZ aug-cc-pVTZ
hartree fock HF 1107i 1047i            
density functional B3LYP 1111i 998i 982i 983i 978i 985i 986i 987i
mPW1PW91 1108i 974i 945i 948i 951i 965i 951i 962i
Moller Plesset perturbation MP2 1109i 965i 951i 955i 941i 962i 942i 961i
Quadratic configuration interaction QCISD 1220i 1024i 1002i 1004i 1007i 992i 1013i 997i
Coupled Cluster CCD 1121i 965i 951i 964i 961i 962i 965i 963i
CCSD 1213i 1204i 1201i 1199i 1191i 1200i 1182i 1198i
CCSD(T) 1227i 1205i 1206i 1198i 1198i 1201i 1185i 1185i
For descriptions of the methods (AM1, HF, MP2, ...) and basis sets (3-21G, 3-21G*, 6-31G, ...) see the glossary in section I.C. Predefined means the basis set used is determined by the method.