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List of experimental bond lengths for bond type rBH

Bond lengths in Å.
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bond type Species Name Length Comment
rBH BHCl2 Borane, dichloro- 1.130
rBH HBO Boron hydride oxide 1.166
rBH HBS hydrogen boron sulfide 1.169
rBH BH2 boron dihydride 1.180
rBH BHF2 Difluoroborane 1.189
rBH BH3 boron trihydride 1.190 r0 value
rBH B2H6 Diborane 1.200 outer H
rBH BH3NH3 borane ammonia 1.206
rBH BH+ boron monohydride cation 1.215 re
rBH BH Boron monohydride 1.232 re
rBH B2H6 Diborane 1.320 bridging
Average 1.200 ±0.048
Min 1.130
Max 1.320