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Molecules with B in CCCBDB

Click on the molecule name for links to all the data in the CCCBDB for that molecule.
Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
B Boron atom B+ Boron atom cation B- Boron atom anion
BH Boron monohydride BH+ boron monohydride cation BH- boron monohydride anion
LiB Lithium boride
BeB Beryllium monoboride
B2 Boron diatomic B2+ Boron diatomic cation B2- Boron diatomic anion
BC boron monocarbide BC+ boron monocarbide cation BC- boron monocarbide anion
BN boron nitride BN+ boron nitride cation BN- boron nitride anion
BO boron monoxide BO+ boron monoxide cation BO- boron monoxide anion
BF Boron monofluoride BF+ Boron monofluoride cation BF- Boron monofluoride anion
BAl Boron Aluminum
BSi Boron silicide
BP Boron monophosphide
BS boron sulfide BS+ boron monosulfide cation BS- boron monosulfide anion
BCl boron monochloride BCl+ boron monochloride cation BCl- boron monochloride anion
BGa Boron Gallium
BBr Boron monobromide
BH2 boron dihydride BH2+ Boron dihydride cation BH2- boron dihydride anion
HNB hydrogen nitrogen boron
HBO Boron hydride oxide
BO2 Boron dioxide BO2+ Boron dioxide cation BO2- Boron dioxide anion
BF2 Boron difluoride radical
HBS hydrogen boron sulfide
BH3 boron trihydride BH3+ boron trihydride cation BH3- boron trihydride anion
HBBH Diborane(2)
HBNH Boranimine
B2O2 Diboron dioxide
BHF2 Difluoroborane
BF3 Borane, trifluoro- BF3+ boron trifluoride cation BF3- Borane, trifluoro- anion
BHCl2 Borane, dichloro-
BCl3 Borane, trichloro-
BBr3 Boron tribromide
BH4 borohydride    BH4- borohydride anion
CH2BH methyleneborane
     BF4- tetrafluoroboron anion
LiBH4 Lithium borohydride
B2H4 Diborane(4) D2d
HBHHBH Diborane(4) C2V
BH2NH2 Boranamine
CH2BOH hydroxy(methylene)borane
BH3CO Borane carbonyl
CH3BO Borane, methyloxo-
B2F4 Diboron tetrafluoride
B2Cl4 Diboron tetrachloride
CH3BH2 methylborane
H3BO3 Boric acid
B2H6 Diborane B2H6+ Diborane cation
BH3NH3 borane ammonia
NH3BF3 Amminetrifluoroboron
BH3PH3 borane phosphine
B3N3H6 borazine
B(CH3)3 trimethylborane
B4H10 Tetraborane(10)
B5H9 pentaborane9
     B12H12-- Dodecahydrododecaborate(2-)