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List of Hydrogen-bonded dimers

index H Donor H Acceptor structure comment
1 H2O Water H2O Water  
2 NH3 Ammonia NH3 Ammonia  
3 H2O Water NH3 Ammonia  
4 NH3 Ammonia H2O Water rearranges to water-ammonia
5 H2O Water H2CO Formaldehyde  
6 H2CO Formaldehyde H2O Water rearranges to water-formaldehyde
7 H2O Water CH3OH Methyl alcohol  
8 CH3OH Methyl alcohol H2O Water  
9 HCOOH Formic acid H2O Water  
10 H2O Water HCOOH Formic acid to O-C
11 H2O Water HCOOH Formic acid to O=C
12 H2O Water CH3OCH3 Dimethyl ether  
13 CHONH2 formamide NHCHNH2 aminomethanimine both are donors