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Species which change point group upon ionization.

Comparison of geometries from HF/6-31G* calculations.
16 06 01 18 21
Species Name Point Group
Neutral Ion
BO2 Boron dioxide C∞v D∞h
CH2OH Hydroxymethyl radical C1 Cs
CH3CHOH 1-hydroxy-ethyl radical C1 Cs
CH3O Methoxy radical C1 C3v
H2S2 Disulfane C2 C2h
H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide C2 C2h
H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide C2 C2v
N2H4 Hydrazine C2 C2h
NH2CONH2 Urea C2 C1
NH2CONH2 Urea C2v C1
CH2 Methylene C2v D∞h
BH2 boron dihydride C2v D∞h
Li3 Lithium trimer C2v D3h
PO2 Phosphorus dioxide C2v D∞h
H2CS Thioformaldehyde C2v Cs
AlH2 aluminum dihydride C2v D∞h
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide C2v D∞h
NO3 Nitrogen trioxide C2v D3h
NO3 Nitrogen trioxide C2v D3h
SiF3 Silicon trifluoride radical C3v D3h
SiH3 Silyl radical C3v D3h
GeH3 Germyl radical C3v D3h
CCl3 Trichloromethyl radical C3v D3h
NH3 Ammonia C3v D3h
CF3 Trifluoromethyl radical C3v D3h
SiCl3 trichlorosilyl radical C3v D3h
CH3CN Acetonitrile C3v Cs
SF5 Sulfur pentafluoride C4v D3h
FCO Carbonyl fluoride Cs C∞v
HCO Formyl radical Cs C∞v
NNH Dinitrogen monohydride Cs C∞v
CH3CO Acetyl radical Cs C3v
CH3OH Methyl alcohol Cs C1
HCS Thioformyl radical Cs C∞v
C3H3 cyclopropenyl radical Cs D3h
C2H3 vinyl Cs C2v
CO2 Carbon dioxide D∞h C∞v
BeH2 beryllium dihydride D∞h C∞v
N3 azide radical D∞h C∞v
C4H2 Diacetylene D∞h Cs
CH2 Methylene D∞h C2v
C2H6 Ethane D3d C2h
C2H6 Ethane D3h C2h
BH3 boron trihydride D3h C2v
BF3 Borane, trifluoro- D3h C2v
AlH3 aluminum trihydride D3h C2v
C3H6 Cyclopropane D3h C1
CH4 Methane Td C2v
CCl4 Carbon tetrachloride Td C2v
SiH4 Silane Td C2v

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