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List of cis trans isomers

formula cis or Z trans or E
name casno sketch name casno sketch
CHClCHCl Ethene, 1,2-dichloro-, (Z)- 156592 sketch of Ethene, 1,2-dichloro-, (Z)- Ethene, 1,2-dichloro-, (E)- 156605 sketch of Ethene, 1,2-dichloro-, (E)-
CH3CHCHCH3 2-Butene, (Z)- 590181 sketch of 2-Butene, (Z)- 2-Butene, (E)- 624646 sketch of 2-Butene, (E)-
C5H10 2-Pentene, (Z)- 627203 sketch of 2-Pentene, (Z)- 2-Pentene, (E)- 646048 sketch of 2-Pentene, (E)-
C6H12 (Z)-3-methylpent-2-ene 922623 sketch of (Z)-3-methylpent-2-ene (E)-3-methylpent-2-ene 616126 sketch of (E)-3-methylpent-2-ene
C4H5N (Z)-2-Butenenitrile 1190767 sketch of (Z)-2-Butenenitrile (E)-2-Butenenitrile 627269 sketch of (E)-2-Butenenitrile
C5H6 3-Penten-1-yne, (Z)- 1574409 sketch of 3-Penten-1-yne, (Z)- 3-Penten-1-yne, (E)- 2004695 sketch of 3-Penten-1-yne, (E)-
C5H8 1,3-Pentadiene, (Z)- 1574410 sketch of 1,3-Pentadiene, (Z)- 1,3-Pentadiene, (E)- 2004708 sketch of 1,3-Pentadiene, (E)-
C2H2F2 Ethene, 1,2-difluoro-, (Z)- 1630779 sketch of Ethene, 1,2-difluoro-, (Z)- Ethene, 1,2-difluoro-, (E)- 1630780 sketch of Ethene, 1,2-difluoro-, (E)-
C6H12 cis-1,3-dimethylcyclobutane 2398096 sketch of cis-1,3-dimethylcyclobutane (1r,3r)-1,3-dimethylcyclobutane 2398109 sketch of (1r,3r)-1,3-dimethylcyclobutane
C6H8 (Z)-hexa-1,3,5-triene 2612466 sketch of (Z)-hexa-1,3,5-triene (E)-hexa-1,3,5-triene 821078 sketch of (E)-hexa-1,3,5-triene
CH3NNCH3 (Z)-1,2-Dimethyldiazene 4143424 sketch of (Z)-1,2-Dimethyldiazene (E)-1,2-Dimethyldiazene 4143413 sketch of (E)-1,2-Dimethyldiazene
CH3CClCHCH3 2-Butene, 2-chloro-, (Z)- 4628211 sketch of 2-Butene, 2-chloro-, (Z)- 2-Butene, 2-chloro-, (E)- 4894615 sketch of 2-Butene, 2-chloro-, (E)-
C6H10 2,4-Hexadiene, (E,Z)- 5194503 sketch of 2,4-Hexadiene, (E,Z)- 2,4-Hexadiene, (E,E)- 5194514 sketch of 2,4-Hexadiene, (E,E)-
C6H10 2,4-Hexadiene, (Z,Z)- 6108618 sketch of 2,4-Hexadiene, (Z,Z)- 2,4-Hexadiene, (E,Z)- 5194503 sketch of 2,4-Hexadiene, (E,Z)-
C6H10 1,4-Hexadiene, (Z)- 7318674 sketch of 1,4-Hexadiene, (Z)- 1,4-Hexadiene, (E)- 7319008 sketch of 1,4-Hexadiene, (E)-
CHClCHCH2CH3 (Z)-1-Chloro-1-butene 7611861 sketch of (Z)-1-Chloro-1-butene (E)-1-Chloro-1-butene 7611872 sketch of (E)-1-Chloro-1-butene
C6H12 (Z)-hex-2-ene 7688213 sketch of (Z)-hex-2-ene (E)-2-Hexene 4050457 sketch of (E)-2-Hexene
N2F2 (Z)-Difluorodiazene 13812436 sketch of (Z)-Difluorodiazene Dinitrogen difluoride, (E)- 13776620 sketch of Dinitrogen difluoride, (E)-
C6H10 1,3-Hexadiene, (Z)- 14596920 sketch of 1,3-Hexadiene, (Z)- 1,3-Hexadiene, (E)- 20237347 sketch of 1,3-Hexadiene, (E)-
N2H2 (Z)-Diazene 15626423 sketch of (Z)-Diazene (E)-diazene 15626434 sketch of (E)-diazene
N2H2 (Z)-Diazene 15626423 sketch of (Z)-Diazene trans-diazene cation 15626434 sketch of trans-diazene cation
C6H12 cis-1,2-dimethylcyclobutane 15679013 sketch of cis-1,2-dimethylcyclobutane (1R,2R)-1,2-dimethylcyclobutane 15679024 sketch of (1R,2R)-1,2-dimethylcyclobutane
C4H6O cis-2-butenal 15798648 sketch of cis-2-butenal 2-Butenal 4170303 sketch of 2-Butenal
C3H5Cl 1-chloro-1-propene(Z) 16136848 sketch of 1-chloro-1-propene(Z) 1-chloro-1-propene(E) 16136859 sketch of 1-chloro-1-propene(E)
C6H4 (Z)-Hexa-1,5-diyne-3-ene 16668670 sketch of (Z)-Hexa-1,5-diyne-3-ene (E)-Hexa-1,5-diyne-3-ene 16668681 sketch of (E)-Hexa-1,5-diyne-3-ene
C5H7N (Z)-2-Pentenenitrile 25899507 sketch of (Z)-2-Pentenenitrile (E)-2-Pentenenitrile 26294984 sketch of (E)-2-Pentenenitrile