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Species with enthalpy of formation at 0K in database.

Enthalpy of formation (Hfg) in kJ mol-1
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Species Name Hfg 0K Reference DOI
D Deuterium atom 219.8 Gurvich
H Hydrogen atom 216.0 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
H+ Hydrogen atom cation 1528.1 Gurvich
D2 Deuterium diatomic 0.0 JANAF
H2 Hydrogen diatomic 0.0 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
H2+ Hydrogen cation 1488.4 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
HD Deuterium hydride 0.3 Gurvich
Li Lithium atom 157.7 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
LiH Lithium Hydride 140.8 JANAF
Be Beryllium atom 319.8 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
BeH beryllium monohydride 319.0 JANAF
BeH2 beryllium dihydride 127.2 JANAF
B Boron atom 559.9 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
BH Boron monohydride 439.5 JANAF
BH2 boron dihydride 318.0 Gurvich
BH3 boron trihydride 91.9 Gurvich
C Carbon atom 711.2 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
C+ Carbon atom cation 1797.6 JANAF
CH Methylidyne 592.5 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
CH+ Methylidyne cation 1617.2 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
CH2 Methylene 390.7 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
CH2 Methylene 428.3 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
CH3 Methyl radical 150.0 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
CH4 Methane -66.6 Gurvich
N Nitrogen atom 470.8 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
NH Imidogen 358.4 Gurvich
ND2 Amidogen-d2 188.3 JANAF
NH2 Amino radical 189.1 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
ND3 Ammonia-d3 -51.6 JANAF
NH3 Ammonia -38.9 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
O Oxygen atom 246.8 2006Rus/Pin:6592 10.1021/jp056311j
DO Hydroxyl-d 36.9 Gurvich
OH Hydroxyl radical 37.1 2006Rus/Pin:6592 10.1021/jp056311j
OH- hydroxide anion -137.0 Gurvich
OH+ hydoxyl cation 1284.1 Gurvich
D2O Deuterium oxide -246.3 Gurvich
H2O Water -238.9 2006Rus/Pin:6592 10.1021/jp056311j
HDO Water-d1 -242.3 Gurvich
F Fluorine atom 77.3 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
DF Hydrofluoric acid-d -276.2 Gurvich
HF Hydrogen fluoride -273.3 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Na Sodium atom 107.8 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
NaH sodium hydride 126.2 JANAF
Mg Magnesium atom 145.9 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
MgH magnesium monohydride 230.3 Gurvich
Al Aluminum atom 327.6 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
AlH aluminum monohydride 249.4 Gurvich
AlH2 aluminum dihydride 279.7 Gurvich
AlH3 aluminum trihydride 135.7 Gurvich
Si Silicon atom 445.7 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
SiH Silylidyne 366.9 Gurvich
SiH2 silicon dihydride 275.0 Gurvich
SiH3 Silyl radical 206.0 1991Set/Fen:1658 10.1021/j100157a030
SiH4 Silane 43.9 Gurvich
P Phosphorus atom 315.7 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
PH phosphorus monohydride 254.5 JANAF
PH2 Phosphino radical 123.4 Gurvich
PH3 Phosphine 13.4 JANAF
S Sulfur atom 274.9 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
DS Mercapto-d 137.9 JANAF
HS Mercapto radical 140.0 Gurvich
D2S Hydrogen sulfide-d2 -21.0 JANAF
H2S Hydrogen sulfide -17.7 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Cl Chlorine atom 119.6 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
DCl Hydrochloric acid-d -93.3 Gurvich
HCl Hydrogen chloride -92.1 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
K Potassium atom 89.9 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Ca Calcium atom 177.3 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Ti Titanium atom 470.0 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Cu Copper atom 336.2 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Zn Zinc atom 129.9 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
GeH4 Germane 101.2 1990Rus/Sch:1865 10.1063/1.458587
AsH Arsenic monohydride 233.5 1993Jor/Rob:215 10.1007/BF00224744
AsH2 Arsenic dihydride 171.3 1993Jor/Rob:215 10.1007/BF00224744
AsH3 Arsine 73.9 1993Jor/Rob:215 10.1007/BF00224744
Se Selenium atom 235.4 2005Se
Br Bromine atom 117.9 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Br- Bromine atom anion -206.8 Gurvich
HBr hydrogen bromide -28.4 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
I Iodine atom 107.2 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
HI Hydrogen iodide 28.7 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
Li2 Lithium diatomic 215.5 JANAF
Be2 Beryllium diatomic 631.1 JANAF
B2 Boron diatomic 829.8 Gurvich
B2H6 Diborane 52.4 Gurvich
C2 Carbon diatomic 822.4 Gurvich
C2H Ethynyl radical 565.0 Gurvich
C2H2 Acetylene 228.0 Gurvich
C2H4 Ethylene 61.0 Gurvich
C2H5 Ethyl radical 131.8 1994Ber/Ell:2744 10.1021/j100062a009
C2H6 Ethane -68.4 Gurvich
BN boron nitride 560.7 Gurvich
CN Cyano radical 437.0 Gurvich
N2 Nitrogen diatomic 0.0 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
HCN Hydrogen cyanide 132.4 Gurvich
HNC hydrogen isocyanide 194.0 Gurvich
N2H2 (E)-diazene 219.0 Gurvich
N2H2 (Z)-Diazene 255.0 Gurvich
CH2NH Methanimine 91.2 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
N2H4 Hydrazine 109.3 Gurvich
CH3NH2 methyl amine -7.8 TRC
BeO beryllium oxide 134.0 JANAF
BO boron monoxide 6.7 Gurvich
CO Carbon monoxide -113.8 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
LiO lithium oxide 84.1 JANAF
NO Nitric oxide 90.5 2006Rus/Pin:6592 10.1021/jp056311j
O2 Oxygen diatomic 0.0 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
BeOH beryllium monohydroxide -100.0 Gurvich
HBO Boron hydride oxide -210.0 Gurvich
HCO Formyl radical 41.6 Gurvich
HNO Nitrosyl hydride 110.0 Gurvich
HO2 Hydroperoxy radical 15.2 2006Rus/Pin:6592 10.1021/jp056311j
LiOH lithium hydroxide -227.1 1996Gur/Ber:1211 10.1063/1.555982
H2CO Formaldehyde -104.9 Gurvich
H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide -129.7 2006Rus/Pin:6592 10.1021/jp056311j
CH2OH Hydroxymethyl radical -10.7 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
CH3O Methoxy radical 28.4 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
NH2OH hydroxylamine -39.9 Gurvich
CH3OH Methyl alcohol -190.1 Gurvich
BeF Beryllium monofluoride -172.2 JANAF
BF Boron monofluoride -110.0 Gurvich
CF Fluoromethylidyne 251.6 JANAF
F2 Fluorine diatomic 0.0 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
FO Oxygen monofluoride 108.4 Gurvich
LiF lithium fluoride -340.6 JANAF
NF nitrogen fluoride 233.0 Gurvich
HCF Fluoromethylene 105.0 Gurvich
HOF Hypofluorous acid -94.0 Gurvich
H2F2 Hydrogen fluoride dimer -566.5 Gurvich
CH3F Methyl fluoride -247.0 Gurvich
Na2 Sodium diatomic 144.6 JANAF
NaF sodium fluoride -288.8 JANAF
NaLi lithium sodium 178.9 1977Zmb/Wu:4603 10.1063/1.434621
NaO sodium monoxide 85.0 JANAF
NaOH sodium hydroxide -187.4 JANAF
Mg2 Magnesium diatomic 288.2 JANAF
MgF Magnesium monofluoride -231.8 Gurvich
MgO magnesium oxide 151.0 1989OPE/TEW9152 10.1021/ja00208a002
MgOH magnesium hydroxide -92.0 1989OPE/TEW9152 10.1021/ja00208a002
Al2 Aluminum diatomic 525.9 1990Fu/Lem:8420 10.1063/1.459280
AlF Aluminum monofluoride -265.6 JANAF
AlN Aluminum nitride 438.4 Gurvich
AlO Aluminum monoxide 67.0 JANAF
Si2 Silicon diatomic 580.0 Gurvich
SiF silicon monofluoride -27.1 Gurvich
SiN Silicon nitride 402.5 Gurvich
SiO Silicon monoxide -101.6 JANAF
SiH3F monofluorosilane -367.2 JANAF
CP Carbon monophosphide 517.9 Gurvich
P2 Phosphorus diatomic 145.8 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
PF phosphorus monofluoride -51.3 JANAF
PN Phosphorus mononitride 172.5 Gurvich
PO Phosphorus monoxide -27.5 Gurvich
HCP Phosphaethyne 213.5 JANAF
HPO Hydrogen phosphorus oxide -53.0 Gurvich
CH2PH Phosphaethene -281.8 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
P2H4 Diphosphine -12.5 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
AlS Aluminum sulfide 232.6 Gurvich
BeS beryllium sulfide 261.0 JANAF
BS boron sulfide 240.0 JANAF
CS carbon monosulfide 273.2 1979Ela/Ber:5151 10.1063/1.437355
MgS magnesium sulfide 120.8 Gurvich
NS Mononitrogen monosulfide 266.8 Gurvich
PS phosphorus sulfide 150.6 Gurvich
S2 Sulfur diatomic 128.3 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
SF Monosulfur monofluoride 14.8 Gurvich
SiS silicon monosulfide 104.7 JANAF
SO Sulfur monoxide 5.0 JANAF
HBS hydrogen boron sulfide -16.7 JANAF
H2CS Thioformaldehyde 118.4 1993RUS/BER:2568 10.1063/1.464139
H2S2 Disulfane 21.2 TRC
CH3S thiomethoxy 129.9 1999BIS/CHO805 10.1063/1.478048
CH3SH Methanethiol -11.9 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
AlCl Aluminum monochloride -51.7 JANAF
BCl boron monochloride 169.5 Gurvich
BeCl beryllium monochloride 58.3 JANAF
CCl carbon monochloride 435.8 Gurvich
Cl2 Chlorine diatomic 0.0 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
ClF Chlorine monofluoride -50.2 JANAF
ClO Monochlorine monoxide 101.3 JANAF
LiCl lithium chloride -195.6 JANAF
MgCl magnesium monochloride -54.5 Gurvich
NaCl Sodium Chloride -180.0 JANAF
PCl phosphorus chloride 135.3 Gurvich
SCl sulfur monochloride 155.6 JANAF
SiCl Clorosilylidyne 140.3 Gurvich
DOCl Hypochlorous acid-d -75.3 JANAF
HCCl Chloromethylene 319.1 2005Tar/Mil:2881 10.1039/b506790a
HOCl hypochlorous acid -71.5 JANAF
CH3Cl Methyl chloride -73.9 Gurvich
SiH3Cl chlorosilane -132.8 JANAF
Ar2 Argon diatomic -1.0 1976Col/Dou:1741-1745 10.1063/1.433319
CaO Calcium monoxide 39.1 Gurvich
CaOH Calcium monohydroxide -170.0 Gurvich
CuCl Copper monochloride 91.2 JANAF
CuF Copper monofluoride 12.2 JANAF
CuO Copper Monoxide 305.9 JANAF
GeF Germanium monofluoride -70.7 Gurvich
SiGe Silicon Germanium 530.3 1995Vis/Sch:763 10.1006/jcht.1995.0079
Br2 Bromine diatomic 45.7 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
BrCl Bromine monochloride 22.2 Gurvich
BrF Bromine monofluoride -51.2 Gurvich
BrO+ Bromine monoxide cation 1139.3 ATcT
HOBr Hypobromous acid -47.7 2001Joe:11041 10.1021/jp011833u
CH3Br methyl bromide -21.0 Gurvich
I2 Iodine diatomic 65.5 Gurvich
C3H4 cyclopropene 285.8 TRC
CH2CCH2 allene 198.4 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
CH3CCH propyne 191.6 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
C3H5+ Allyl cation 957.7 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
C3H6 Cyclopropane 70.4 TRC
CH2CHCH3 Propene 34.7 TRC
C3H8 Propane -82.4 TRC
HN3 hydrogen azide 300.3 Gurvich
CH2NN diazomethane 215.0 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
CH3CN Acetonitrile 71.5 TRC
C2H5N Aziridine 142.5 TRC
CH3CH2NH2 Ethylamine -26.7 TRC
CH3NHCH3 Dimethylamine 3.0 TRC
BO2 Boron dioxide -310.0 Gurvich
CO2 Carbon dioxide -393.1 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
N2O Nitrous oxide 85.0 Gurvich
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide 36.8 2006Rus/Pin:6592 10.1021/jp056311j
O3 Ozone 144.5 Gurvich
HNCO Isocyanic acid -98.7 JANAF
HNO2 Nitrous acid -72.8 Gurvich
CH2CO Ketene -44.5 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
HCOOH Formic acid -371.5 Gurvich
CH3CO Acetyl radical -3.6 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
C2H4O Ethylene oxide -40.1 JANAF
CH3CHO Acetaldehyde -160.2 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
CH3CH2O Ethoxy radical -0.2 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
CH3CH2OH Ethanol -217.1 Gurvich
CH3OCH3 Dimethyl ether -166.6 TRC
BeF2 Beryllium fluoride -796.7 Gurvich
CF2 Difluoromethylene -184.6 1997Pou/Pau:5327 10.1021/jp970778f
F2O Difluorine monoxide 26.8 Gurvich
FCN Cyanogen fluoride 34.0 Gurvich
FNO Nitrosyl fluoride -62.6 Gurvich
FOO Dioxygen monofluoride radical 27.2 JANAF
NF2 Difluoroamino radical 37.0 Gurvich
BHF2 Difluoroborane -736.0 Gurvich
CH2F2 Methane, difluoro- -444.5 Gurvich
CH2CHF Ethene, fluoro- -132.2 Gurvich
MgF2 Magnesium fluoride -734.3 Gurvich
SiO2 silicon dioxide -320.7 Gurvich
PO2 Phosphorus dioxide -278.0 Gurvich
CS2 Carbon disulfide 115.9 Gurvich
OCS Carbonyl sulfide -141.8 Gurvich
S3 Sulfur trimer 146.0 Gurvich
SF2 sulfur difluoride -291.0 Gurvich
SO2 Sulfur dioxide -294.3 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
SSO Disulfur monoxide -54.0 Gurvich
C2H4S Thiirane 94.4 TRC
CH3CH2SH ethanethiol -29.2 TRC
BeCl2 Beryllium chloride -362.5 Gurvich
CCl2 dichloromethylene 226.9 2005Tar/Mil:2881 10.1039/b506790a
Cl2O Dichlorine monoxide 82.8 JANAF
ClCN chlorocyanogen 133.5 Gurvich
ClNO Nitrosyl chloride 54.6 Gurvich
ClOO chloroperoxy radical 99.7 JANAF
ClS2 Sulfur chloride 79.5 JANAF
MgCl2 Magnesium dichloride -398.9 Gurvich
OClO Chlorine dioxide 99.0 JANAF
SiCl2 Dichlorosilylene -163.2 Gurvich
BHCl2 Borane, dichloro- -249.0 Gurvich
CHCl2+ dichloromethyl cation 891.7 2008Shu/Zha:10533-10538 10.1021/jp8056459
CH2Cl2 Methylene chloride -88.2 Gurvich
SiH2Cl2 dichlorosilane -313.0 JANAF
CH3CH2Cl Ethyl chloride -97.7 TRC
CaCl2 Calcium Chloride -485.2 Gurvich
CaF2 Calcium difluoride -789.1 Gurvich
GeCl2 Germanium dichloride -170.5 Gurvich
GeO2 Germanium dioxide -104.1 Gurvich
BrCN Cyanogen bromide 192.8 JANAF
CH2Br2 dibromomethane 31.0 Gurvich
CH2BrI bromoiodomethane 70.4 2005Lag/Ker:1802-1809 10.1021/jp045337s
C2H3I Vinyl iodide 140.2 2008Shu/Och:5647-5652 10.1021/jp8007255
B4H10 Tetraborane(10) 97.8 1998Yu/Bau:807 10.1063/1.556022
C4 Carbon tetramer 964.0 JANAF
C4H6 1-Methylcyclopropene 257.9 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
C4H6 Cyclobutene 173.8 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
C4H6 Methylenecyclopropane 216.3 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
CH2CCHCH3 1,2-Butadiene 175.8 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
CH2CHCHCH2 1,3-Butadiene 124.5 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
CH3CCCH3 2-Butyne 159.0 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
CHCCH2CH3 1-Butyne 178.9 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
C4H8 cyclobutane 53.0 TRC
CH2C(CH3)CH3 1-Propene, 2-methyl- 4.0 1970COX/PIL 10.1002/bbpc.19700740727
CH2CHCH2CH3 1-Butene 20.4 TRC
C(CH3)3 Tert-butyl radical 75.7 1994Ber/Ell:2744 10.1021/j100062a009
CH3CHCH2CH3 2-Butyl radical 91.6 1994Ber/Ell:2744 10.1021/j100062a009
CH3CH(CH3)CH3 Isobutane -106.4 TRC
CH3CH2CH2CH3 Butane -98.5 TRC
C2N2 Cyanogen 307.2 Gurvich
C3H3N acrylonitrile 187.2 TRC
C3H7N Cyclopropylamine 97.5 TRC
CH3CH(NH2)CH3 2-Propanamine -56.9 TRC
NH2CH2CH2CH3 1-Propanamine -42.4 TRC
B2O2 Diboron dioxide -460.0 Gurvich
NO3 Nitrogen trioxide 78.9 1993Dav/Kim:2172 10.1021/j100112a018
HNO3 Nitric acid -124.2 Gurvich
C2H2O2 Ethanedial -206.4 TRC
C3H4O Methylketene -77.0 TRC
CH2CHCHO Acrolein -74.0 TRC
CH3COOH Acetic acid -418.1 TRC
NH2CONH2 Urea -220.7 TRC
CH3CONH2 Acetamide -221.0 TRC
C2H6O2 1,2-Ethanediol -367.9 TRC
C3H6O Oxetane -60.5 1992Dor:9 10.1016/0040-6031(92)80002-E
C3H6O Propylene oxide -75.2 TRC
CH3CH2CHO Propanal -170.6 TRC
CH3COCH3 Acetone -200.5 TRC
C3H7OH 1-Propanol -231.3 TRC
CH3CHOHCH3 Isopropyl alcohol -248.6 TRC
CH3OC2H5 Ethane, methoxy- -193.6 TRC
BF3 Borane, trifluoro- -1133.2 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
CF2O Carbonic difluoride -620.0 Gurvich
CF3 Trifluoromethyl radical -469.2 Gurvich
N2F2 (Z)-Difluorodiazene 67.0 Gurvich
N2F2 Dinitrogen difluoride, (E)- 72.6 Gurvich
NF3 Nitrogen trifluoride -126.4 JANAF
CHF3 Methane, trifluoro- -689.7 Gurvich
CH2CF2 Ethene, 1,1-difluoro- -329.5 Gurvich
CH3COF Acetyl fluoride -432.4 TRC
CH3CHF2 Ethane, 1,1-difluoro- -487.0 TRC
AlF3 Aluminum trifluoride -1205.6 JANAF
P4 Phosphorus tetramer 66.2 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
SF3 Sulfur trifluoride 6.1 1995Iri:5357 10.1063/1.469263
SO3 Sulfur trioxide -390.2 Gurvich
CH3CHSHCH3 2-Propanethiol -52.9 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
AlCl3 Aluminum trichloride -582.8 JANAF
AlF2Cl Aluminum chloride difluoride -996.0 Gurvich
AlFCl2 Aluminum dichloride fluoride -789.0 Gurvich
BCl3 Borane, trichloro- -402.0 JANAF
CCl2O Phosgene -218.4 JANAF
CCl3 Trichloromethyl radical 69.9 1991Hud/Joh:4400 10.1021/j100164a043
ClF3 Chlorine trifluoride -160.5 Gurvich
ClNO2 Nitryl chloride 17.9 Gurvich
ClSSCl Disulfur dichloride -15.2 JANAF
Na2Cl2 Disodium dichloride -562.5 JANAF
PCl3 Phosphorus trichloride -285.5 JANAF
CHCl3 Chloroform -97.9 Gurvich
SiHCl3 Trichlorosilane -491.1 JANAF
CH3COCl Acetyl Chloride -233.8 TRC
CH2ClCH2Cl Ethane, 1,2-dichloro- -120.1 2002Man:123 10.1063/1.1420703
CH3CHCl2 Ethane, 1,1-dichloro- -119.8 TRC
CH3CHFCl Ethane, 1-chloro-1-fluoro- -300.4 TRC
CH2ClCH2CH3 Propane, 1-chloro- -111.2 TRC
CH3CHClCH3 Propane, 2-chloro- -124.3 TRC
BrF3 Bromine trifluoride -244.8 Gurvich
CHBr3 bromoform 81.0 2008Shu/Zha:10533-10538 10.1021/jp8056459
CHBrCl2 Methane, bromodichloro- -38.2 2008Shu/Zha:10533-10538 10.1021/jp8056459
CHClBr2 Methane, dibromochloro- 23.1 2008Shu/Zha:10533-10538 10.1021/jp8056459
B5H9 pentaborane9 101.3 1998Yu/Bau:807 10.1063/1.556022
C5H6 1,3-Cyclopentadiene 151.4 TRC
C5H8 1,2-Butadiene, 3-methyl- 148.0 TRC
C5H8 1,2-Pentadiene 160.5 TRC
C5H8 1,3-Butadiene, 2-methyl- 96.3 TRC
C5H8 1,3-Pentadiene, (E)- 96.3 TRC
C5H8 1,3-Pentadiene, (Z)- 103.0 TRC
C5H8 1,4-Pentadiene 121.6 TRC
C5H8 2,3-Pentadiene 152.6 TRC
C5H8 Cyclobutane, methylene- 144.9 TRC
C5H8 Cyclopentene 58.2 TRC
C5H10 1-Butene, 2-methyl- -8.2 TRC
C5H10 2-Butene, 2-methyl- -13.4 TRC
C5H10 2-Pentene, (E)- -4.6 TRC
C5H10 2-Pentene, (Z)- 1.3 TRC
C5H10 Cyclopentane -44.5 TRC
C5H10 Cyclopropane, 1,1-dimethyl- 20.8 TRC
C5H12 Butane, 2-methyl- -119.7 TRC
C5H12 Pentane -114.9 TRC
C5H12 Propane, 2,2-dimethyl- -135.0 TRC
CH2N4 1H-Tetrazole 342.0 TRC
C4H5N (E)-2-Butenenitrile 153.1 TRC
C4H5N (Z)-2-Butenenitrile 146.6 TRC
C4H5N Pyrrole 124.8 TRC
CH3CH(CH3)CN Propanenitrile, 2-methyl- 43.7 TRC
CH3CH2CH2CN Butanenitrile 55.7 TRC
C(CH3)3NH2 2-Propanamine, 2-methyl- -87.1 TRC
C3O2 Carbon suboxide -99.7 Gurvich
N2O3 Dinitrogen trioxide 91.2 Gurvich
C3H3NO Isoxazole 91.3 TRC
C3H3NO Oxazole -2.9 TRC
C3H4O2 β–Propiolactone -282.3 TRC
C3H4O2 2-Propenoic acid -311.0 TRC
C4H4O Furan -21.6 1977Ped/Ryl
C3H6O2 1,3-Dioxolane -275.0 1992Dor:9 10.1016/0040-6031(92)80002-E
C4H8O Furan, tetrahydro- -156.4 1992Dor:9 10.1016/0040-6031(92)80002-E
CH3COCH2CH3 2-Butanone -217.1 TRC
CHOCH2CH2CH3 Butanal -185.7 TRC
C4H10O 1-Butanol -244.4 TRC
C4H10O Ethanol, 1,1-dimethyl- -282.2 TRC
C4H10O Ethoxy ethane -223.4 TRC
CF4 Carbon tetrafluoride -927.2 Gurvich
F3NO Nitrogen trifluoride oxide -178.8 Gurvich
FNO3 Fluorine nitrate 22.3 Gurvich
CF3OH trifluoromethanol -900.8 1997Ash/App:9111 10.1063/1.474017
SiF4 Silicon tetrafluoride -1609.5 CODATA 10.1002/bbpc.19900940121
F3PO Phosphoryl fluoride -1243.2 Gurvich
SF4 Sulfur tetrafluoride -753.0 Gurvich
H2SO4 Sulfuric acid -719.0 Gurvich
C4H4S Thiophene 127.2 1995Dor/Gur:1351 10.1063/1.555962
C4H6S Thiophene, 2,3-dihydro- 109.8 1995Dor/Gur:1351 10.1063/1.555962
C4H6S Thiophene, 2,5-dihydro- 105.5 1995Dor/Gur:1351 10.1063/1.555962
C4H8S Thiophene, tetrahydro- -8.3 1995Dor/Gur:1351 10.1063/1.555962
CCl4 Carbon tetrachloride -93.3 Gurvich
CF2Cl2 difluorodichloromethane -481.8 Gurvich
CF3Cl Methane, chlorotrifluoro- -702.7 Gurvich
CFCl3 Trichloromonofluoromethane -281.8 Gurvich
Cl3PO Phosphoryl chloride -554.2 JANAF
ClFO3 Perchloryl fluoride -12.7 JANAF
SiCl4 Silane, tetrachloro- -660.1 Gurvich
SO2Cl2 Sulfuryl chloride -348.6 JANAF
CHClCCl2 Trichloroethylene -14.0 2002Man:123 10.1063/1.1420703
CH3CCl3 Ethane, 1,1,1-trichloro- -131.9 2002Man:123 10.1063/1.1420703
CBr4 Carbon tetrabromide 150.0 Gurvich
C6H5 phenyl 352.7 1996Dav/Bie:2590 10.1021/ja00114a023
C6H6 Benzene 100.4 TRC
C6H8 1,3-Cyclohexadiene 130.1 TRC
C6H8 1,4-Cyclohexadiene 132.6 TRC
C6H12 Cyclohexane -83.8 TRC
C6H12 Ethylcyclobutane 7.7 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
C6H14 Butane, 2,2-dimethyl- -143.5 TRC
C6H14 Hexane -130.1 TRC
C6H14 Pentane, 2-methyl- -135.3 TRC
C6H14 Pentane, 3-methyl- -132.5 TRC
C4N2 2-Butynedinitrile 528.6 JANAF
C5H9N Butanenitrile, 2-methyl- 28.8 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
N2O4 Dinitrogen tetroxide 20.4 Gurvich
C5H8O Cyclopentanone -165.8 TRC
C5H12O 1-Pentanol -260.4 TRC
B2F4 Diboron tetrafluoride -1435.6 Gurvich
C2F4 Tetrafluoroethylene -656.1 Gurvich
CF3CN Acetonitrile, trifluoro- -491.6 JANAF
PF5 Phosphorus pentafluoride -1582.4 Gurvich
C5H10S 2H-Thiopyran, tetrahydro- -30.0 1995Dor/Gur:1351 10.1063/1.555962
C5H12S Ethyl propyl sulfide -71.5 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
C5H12S Propane, 2-methyl-2-(methylthio)- -86.1 webbook 10.18434/T4D303
B2Cl4 Diboron tetrachloride -490.8 Gurvich
C2Cl4 Tetrachloroethylene -23.6 2002Man:123 10.1063/1.1420703
PCl5 Phosphorus pentachloride -354.7 JANAF
BrF5 bromine pentafluoride -413.7 Gurvich
C6H5CH2 benzyl radical 226.8 2005Rus/Bog:573 10.1063/1.1724828
C7H14 cycloheptane -72.9 TRC
SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride -1206.5 JANAF
C2F6 hexafluoroethane -1335.6 JANAF
S8 Octasulfur 104.4 JANAF
SF5CF3 Sulfur, pentafluoro(trifluoromethyl)- -1770.0 2001Chi/Ken:8403 10.1021/jp0116050
Found 450 species.
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