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Dipole and Quadrupole Units

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Debye for dipoles and Debye Angstrom for quadrupoles
e a0 (electron charge times bohr) for dipoles and e a02 for quadrupoles.
C m (Coulomb meter) for dipoles and C m2 (Coulomb meter2) for quadrupoles.
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Debye Debye Å
e a0 e a02
C m (x1030) C m2 (x 1040)
Bohr Radius, a0 = 0.529 177 2083 x 10-10 m
Angstrom, Å = 10-10 m
A Debye is 1E−18 statcoulomb-centimeter. which is 1E−21 C·m2s-1 divided by the speed of light. Thus 1 D is 3.335641E-30 C m. Conversely 1 C·m = 2.9979E29 D.