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Index of species in the CCCBDB by IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (INChI)

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Molecules in the CCCBDB

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casno formula name InChI InChIkey SMILES sketch other names
12385136 H- Hydrogen atom anion InChI=1S/H/q-1 KLGZELKXQMTEMM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H-] H-   hydride
12385136 H Hydrogen atom InChI=1S/H YZCKVEUIGOORGS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H] H   H-atom; Hydrogen; Hydrogen atom; Hydrogen radical
12385136 H+ Hydrogen atom cation InChI=1S/p+1 GPRLSGONYQIRFK-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H+] H+  
16873179 D- Deuterium atom anion InChI=1S/H/q-1/i1+1 KLGZELKXQMTEMM-OUBTZVSYSA-N [2H-] D-  
16873179 D Deuterium atom InChI=1S/H/i1+1 YZCKVEUIGOORGS-OUBTZVSYSA-N [2H] D   Deuterium; Deuterium atom
16873179 D+ Deuterium atom cation InChI=1S/p+1/i/hD GPRLSGONYQIRFK-DYCDLGHISA-N [2H+] D+  
13983205 HD Deuterium hydride InChI=1S/H2/h1H/i1+1 UFHFLCQGNIYNRP-OUBTZVSYSA-N [H][2H] sketch of s13983205.gif   Deuterium hydride; Deuterium, mol. with hydrogen; Hydrogen-d1
7782390 D2 Deuterium diatomic InChI=1S/H2/h1H/i1+1D UFHFLCQGNIYNRP-VVKOMZTBSA-N [2H][2H] sketch of s7782390.gif   Deuterium; diduterium
1333740 H2- hydrogen diatomic anion InChI=1S/H2/h1H/q-1 MHQRCAMTVYPALZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H][H-] sketch of s1333740q-1.gif  
1333740 H2 Hydrogen diatomic InChI=1S/H2/h1H UFHFLCQGNIYNRP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H][H] sketch of s1333740.gif   Hydrogen; Molecular hydrogen; o-Hydrogen; p-Hydrogen; dihydrogen
1333740 H2+ Hydrogen cation InChI=1S/H2/h1H/q+1 ZZIJOQHRUPVPQC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H][H+] sketch of s1333740q1.gif  
28132481 H3+ hydrogen trimer cation InChI=1S/H3/c1-2-3-1/q+1 RQZCXKHVAUFVMF-UHFFFAOYSA-N sketch of s28132481q1.gif  

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