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Index of species in the CCCBDB by IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (INChI)

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Molecules in the CCCBDB

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casno formula name InChI InChIkey SMILES sketch other names
12385136 H- Hydrogen atom anion InChI=1S/H/q-1 KLGZELKXQMTEMM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H-] H-   hydride
12385136 H Hydrogen atom InChI=1S/H YZCKVEUIGOORGS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H] H   H-atom; Hydrogen; Hydrogen atom; Hydrogen radical
12385136 H+ Hydrogen atom cation InChI=1S/p+1 GPRLSGONYQIRFK-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H+] H+  
16873179 D- Deuterium atom anion InChI=1S/H/q-1/i1+1 KLGZELKXQMTEMM-OUBTZVSYSA-N [2H-] D-  
16873179 D Deuterium atom InChI=1S/H/i1+1 YZCKVEUIGOORGS-OUBTZVSYSA-N [2H] D   Deuterium; Deuterium atom
16873179 D+ Deuterium atom cation InChI=1S/p+1/i/hD GPRLSGONYQIRFK-DYCDLGHISA-N [2H+] D+  
13983205 HD Deuterium hydride InChI=1S/H2/h1H/i1+1 UFHFLCQGNIYNRP-OUBTZVSYSA-N [H][2H] sketch of s13983205.gif   Deuterium hydride; Deuterium, mol. with hydrogen; Hydrogen-d1
1333740 H2- hydrogen diatomic anion InChI=1S/H2/h1H/q-1 MHQRCAMTVYPALZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H][H-] sketch of s1333740q-1.gif  
1333740 H2 Hydrogen diatomic InChI=1S/H2/h1H UFHFLCQGNIYNRP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H][H] sketch of s1333740.gif   Hydrogen; Molecular hydrogen; o-Hydrogen; p-Hydrogen; dihydrogen
1333740 H2+ Hydrogen cation InChI=1S/H2/h1H/q+1 ZZIJOQHRUPVPQC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [H][H+] sketch of s1333740q1.gif  
7782390 D2 Deuterium diatomic InChI=1S/H2/h1H/i1+1D UFHFLCQGNIYNRP-VVKOMZTBSA-N [2H][2H] sketch of s7782390.gif   Deuterium; diduterium
28132481 H3+ hydrogen trimer cation InChI=1S/H3/c1-2-3-1/q+1 RQZCXKHVAUFVMF-UHFFFAOYSA-N sketch of s28132481q1.gif  
7440597 He- Helium atom anion InChI=1S/He/q-1 GQCTUJCUOFABIY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [He-] He-  
7440597 He Helium atom InChI=1S/He SWQJXJOGLNCZEY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [He] He   Helium
7440597 He+ Helium atom cation InChI=1S/He/q+1 QLNXTEZOQCZJBA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [He+] He+  
9000184 He2+ helium dimer cation InChI=1S/He2/c1-2/q+1 ZAJTYDXIUNGESO-UHFFFAOYSA-N [He][He+] sketch of s9000184q1.gif  
9000219 HeH Helium hydride InChI=1S/HHe/h1H VFSHXFTVUHSLHV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [HeH] sketch of s9000219.gif  
9000219 HeH+ Helium hydride cation InChI=1S/HHe/h1H/q+1 HSFAAVLNFOAYQX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [He][H+] sketch of s9000219q1.gif  
7439932 Li- Lithium atom anion InChI=1S/Li/q-1 VSRVKRSRQFOUEF-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li-] Li-  
7439932 Li Lithium atom InChI=1S/Li WHXSMMKQMYFTQS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li] Li   Lithium
7439932 Li+ Lithium atom cation InChI=1S/Li/q+1 HBBGRARXTFLTSG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li+] Li+  
7580678 LiH- lithium hydride anion InChI=1S/Li.H/q-1; ZQPORAMEHYRKLM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [LiH-] sketch of s7580678q-1.gif  
7580678 LiH Lithium Hydride InChI=1S/Li.H SIAPCJWMELPYOE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [LiH] sketch of s7580678.gif   Hydrure de lithium; Lithium hydride; Lithium hydride (LiH)
7580678 LiH+ lithium hydride cation InChI=1S/Li.H/q+1; HSOYNNFNUCWPIZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [LiH+] sketch of s7580678q1.gif  
7440417 Be- Beryllium atom anion InChI=1S/Be/q-1 MKUXRYYRAPCTSE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be-] Be-  
7440417 Be Beryllium atom InChI=1S/Be ATBAMAFKBVZNFJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be] Be   Beryllium; Beryllium-9; Glucinium; Glucinum
7440417 Be+ Beryllium atom cation InChI=1S/Be/q+1 FSZJGTOCGOQRRE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be+] Be+  
13597972 BeH- berylium monohydride anion InChI=1S/Be.H/q-1; XYJSQJZDMXOLES-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BeH-] sketch of s13597972q-1.gif  
13597972 BeH beryllium monohydride InChI=1S/Be.H AYBCUKQQDUJLQN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BeH] sketch of s13597972.gif   Beryllium hydride
13597972 BeH+ beryllium monohydride cation InChI=1S/Be.H/q+1; ZMHJNSGNHYXBAE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BeH+] sketch of s13597972q1.gif  
7787522 BeH2 beryllium dihydride InChI=1S/Be.2H RWASOQSEFLDYLC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BeH2] sketch of s7787522.gif   Beryllium hydride
7787522 BeH2+ Beryllium dihydride cation InChI=1S/Be.2H/q+1;; LIYOQPNVGOXTMQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BeH2+] sketch of s7787522q1.gif  
7787522 BeH2+ Beryllium dihydride cation InChI=1S/Be.2H/q+1;; LIYOQPNVGOXTMQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BeH2+] sketch of s7787522q1.gif  
7440428 B- Boron atom anion InChI=1S/B/q-1 XGLYHUVZMIRFNT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [B-] B-  
7440428 B Boron atom InChI=1S/B ZOXJGFHDIHLPTG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [B] B   Boron
7440428 B+ Boron atom cation InChI=1S/B/q+1 HYFJXBYGHMZZPQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [B+] B+  
13766262 BH- boron monohydride anion InChI=1S/BH/h1H/q-1 DBDNZCBRIPTLJF-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH-] sketch of s13766262q-1.gif  
13766262 BH Boron monohydride InChI=1S/BH/h1H UWBOAQKPEXKXSU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH] sketch of s13766262.gif   Borane; Borane(1)
13766262 BH+ boron monohydride cation InChI=1S/BH/h1H/q+1 HJCAPRQJPXZNOT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH+] sketch of s13766262q1.gif  
14452643 BH2- boron dihydride anion InChI=1S/BH2/h1H2/q-1 CBWJKNQKWLEEPG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH2-] sketch of s14452643q-1.gif  
14452643 BH2 boron dihydride InChI=1S/BH2/h1H2 IOCVPZINIZVUIL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH2] sketch of s14452643.gif   BH2 Radical; Borane(2); Boron dihydride
14452643 BH2+ Boron dihydride cation InChI=1S/BH2/h1H2/q+1 RCNJPCYKNBLHDC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH2+] sketch of s14452643q1.gif  
13283313 BH3- boron trihydride anion InChI=1S/BH3/h1H3/q-1 RAGFTAWPNNEELE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH3-] sketch of s13283313q-1.gif  
13283313 BH3- boron trihydride anion InChI=1S/BH3/h1H3/q-1 RAGFTAWPNNEELE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH3-] sketch of s13283313q-1.gif  
13283313 BH3 boron trihydride InChI=1S/BH3/h1H3 UORVGPXVDQYIDP-UHFFFAOYSA-N B sketch of s13283313.gif   Borane; Borane(3)
13283313 BH3+ boron trihydride cation InChI=1S/BH3/h1H3/q+1 YXFJCDMOWXLUFT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH3+] sketch of s13283313q1.gif  
13283313 BH3+ boron trihydride cation InChI=1S/BH3/h1H3/q+1 YXFJCDMOWXLUFT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH3+] sketch of s13283313q1.gif  
16971292 BH4- borohydride anion InChI=1S/BH4/h1H4/q-1 CROBTXVXNQNKKO-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH4-] sketch of s16971292q-1.gif  
16971292 BH4 borohydride InChI=1S/BH4/h1H4 RPHDAPRHVMJYOJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH4] sketch of s16971292.gif  
16971292 BH4 borohydride InChI=1S/BH4/h1H4 RPHDAPRHVMJYOJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH4] sketch of s16971292.gif  
7440440 C- Carbon atom anion InChI=1S/C/q-1 RTNCBHBYULLTCL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C-] C-  
7440440 C Carbon atom InChI=1S/C OKTJSMMVPCPJKN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C] C   Carbon
7440440 C+ Carbon atom cation InChI=1S/C/q+1 GKDCRJWYAGBLFY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C+] C+  
3315375 CH- methylidyne anion InChI=1S/CH/h1H/q-1 VPIURJINGFGPNS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH-] sketch of s3315375q-1.gif  
3315375 CH Methylidyne InChI=1S/CH/h1H VRLIPUYDFBXWCH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH] sketch of s3315375.gif   Methylidyne
3315375 CH+ Methylidyne cation InChI=1S/CH/h1H/q+1 WVVLBIYUCXYYEU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH+] sketch of s3315375q1.gif  
2465567 CH2- methylene anion InChI=1S/CH2/h1H2/q-1 BBNHULVYDKYRSP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH2-] sketch of s2465567q-1.gif  
2465567 CH2 Methylene InChI=1S/CH2/h1H2 HZVOZRGWRWCICA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH2] sketch of s2465567.gif   Methylene
2465567 CH2 Methylene InChI=1S/CH2/h1H2 HZVOZRGWRWCICA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH2] sketch of s2465567.gif   Methylene
2465567 CH2+ methylene cation InChI=1S/CH2/h1H2/q+1 CCOXZMOGYFFTRT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH2+] sketch of s2465567q1.gif  
2465567 CH2+ methylene cation InChI=1S/CH2/h1H2/q+1 CCOXZMOGYFFTRT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH2+] sketch of s2465567q1.gif  
2229074 CH3- methyl anion InChI=1S/CH3/h1H3/q-1 LGRLWUINFJPLSH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH3-] sketch of s2229074q-1.gif   methanide
2229074 CH3 Methyl radical InChI=1S/CH3/h1H3 WCYWZMWISLQXQU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH3] sketch of s2229074.gif   Methyl; Methyl radical
2229074 CH3+ methyl cation InChI=1S/CH3/h1H3/q+1 JUHDUIDUEUEQND-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH3+] sketch of s2229074q1.gif  
676493 CH3D methane-d InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/i1D VNWKTOKETHGBQD-MICDWDOJSA-N C sketch of s676493.gif  
676551 CH2D2 methane-d2 InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/i1D2 VNWKTOKETHGBQD-DICFDUPASA-N C sketch of s676551.gif  
676802 CHD3 methane-d3 InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/i1D3 VNWKTOKETHGBQD-FIBGUPNXSA-N C sketch of s676802.gif  
74828 CH4- Methane anion InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/q-1 [CH4-] sketch of s74828q-1.gif  
74828 CH4 Methane InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4 VNWKTOKETHGBQD-UHFFFAOYSA-N C sketch of s74828.gif   Biogas; Fire damp; Marsh gas; Methane; Methyl hydride; R 50
74828 CH4+ Methane cation InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/q+1 DEMLYXWOPCFOLG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH4+] sketch of s74828q1.gif  
74828 CH4+ Methane cation InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/q+1 DEMLYXWOPCFOLG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH4+] sketch of s74828q1.gif  
74828 CH4+ Methane cation InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/q+1 DEMLYXWOPCFOLG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CH4+] sketch of s74828q1.gif  
558203 CD4 methane-d4 InChI=1S/CH4/h1H4/i1D4 VNWKTOKETHGBQD-JQYAHLJZSA-N C sketch of s558203.gif  
17778880 N- Nitrogen atom anion InChI=1S/N/q-1 AODRJISUPXKQJP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [N-] N-  
17778880 N Nitrogen atom InChI=1S/N QJGQUHMNIGDVPM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [N] N   N; Nitrogen atom; Nitrogen radical; nitrogen
17778880 N+ Nitrogen atom cation InChI=1S/N/q+1 DELRCXTYJVVNEW-UHFFFAOYSA-N [N+] N+  
13774920 NH- Imidogen anion InChI=1S/HN/h1H/q-1 NUENPMRHRIHXSZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH-] sketch of s13774920q-1.gif  
13774920 NH Imidogen InChI=1S/HN/h1H PDCKRJPYJMCOFO-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH] sketch of s13774920.gif   Imidogen; Imino
13774920 NH+ imidogen cation InChI=1S/HN/h1H/q+1 RCELGLLFWPQDDS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH+] sketch of s13774920q1.gif  
13770406 NH2- amino anion InChI=1S/H2N/h1H2/q-1 HYGWNUKOUCZBND-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH2-] sketch of s13770406q-1.gif   amide
13770406 NH2 Amino radical InChI=1S/H2N/h1H2 MDFFNEOEWAXZRQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH2] sketch of s13770406.gif   Amidogen; Amino radical
13770406 NH2+ Amino cation InChI=1S/H2N/h1H2/q+1 QTLMMXDMXKCANI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH2+] sketch of s13770406q1.gif  
15117847 ND2 Amidogen-d2 InChI=1S/H2N/h1H2/i1D2 MDFFNEOEWAXZRQ-DICFDUPASA-N [N]([2H])[2H] sketch of s15117847.gif   Amidogen-D2
13550497 ND3 Ammonia-d3 InChI=1S/H3N/h1H3/i/hD3 QGZKDVFQNNGYKY-ZRLBSURWSA-N N([2H])([2H])[2H] sketch of s13550497.gif   Ammonia-d3-
7664417 NH3- Ammonia anion InChI=1S/H3N/h1H3/q-1 TZXQEDWSXMUPRS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH3-] sketch of s7664417q-1.gif  
7664417 NH3 Ammonia InChI=1S/H3N/h1H3 QGZKDVFQNNGYKY-UHFFFAOYSA-N N sketch of s7664417.gif   Ammonia; Ammonia gas; Ammonia, anhydrous; Anhydrous ammonia; Aromatic Ammonia, Vaporole; Nitro-Sil; Spirit of Hartshorn; azane
7664417 NH3+ ammonia cation InChI=1S/H3N/h1H3/q+1 FXDYOSCCLBVICI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NH3+] sketch of s7664417q1.gif  
14798039 NH4+ ammonium cation InChI=1S/H3N/h1H3/p+1 QGZKDVFQNNGYKY-UHFFFAOYSA-O [NH4+] sketch of s14798039q1.gif   ammonium
17778802 O- Oxygen atom anion InChI=1S/O/q-1 SUNFGZRUFCAYCR-UHFFFAOYSA-N [O-] O-  
17778802 O Oxygen atom InChI=1S/O QVGXLLKOCUKJST-UHFFFAOYSA-N [O] O   Atomic oxygen; Oxygen; Oxygen atom; Oxygen(sup 3P); Oxygen, atomic; Photooxygen; Singlet oxygen
17778802 O+ Oxygen atom cation InChI=1S/O/q+1 KLZXPVWVDXGFTD-UHFFFAOYSA-N [O+] O+  
13587547 DO Hydroxyl-d InChI=1S/HO/h1H/i1D TUJKJAMUKRIRHC-MICDWDOJSA-N [2HO] sketch of s13587547.gif   Hydroxyl-D
3352576 OH- hydroxide anion InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/p-1 XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-UHFFFAOYSA-M [OH-] sketch of s3352576q-1.gif   Hydroxyl anion; Hydroxyl; hydroxide
3352576 OH Hydroxyl radical InChI=1S/HO/h1H TUJKJAMUKRIRHC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [OH] sketch of s3352576.gif   Hydroxy radical; Hydroxyl; Hydroxy radical; Hydroxy
3352576 OH+ hydoxyl cation InChI=1S/HO/h1H/q+1 MSCUNRCIQGLERU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [OH+] sketch of s3352576q1.gif  
7732185 H2O- water anion InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/q-1 UJCLDIPWNLPWIV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [OH2-] sketch of s7732185q-1.gif  
7732185 H2O- water anion InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/q-1 UJCLDIPWNLPWIV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [OH2-] sketch of s7732185q-1.gif  
7732185 H2O Water InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2 XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-UHFFFAOYSA-N O sketch of s7732185.gif   Dihydrogen oxide; Distilled water; Ice; Water vapor; Water; oxidane
7732185 H2O+ water cation InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/q+1 RECVMTHOQWMYFX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [OH2+] sketch of s7732185q1.gif  
14940637 HDO Water-d1 InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/i/hD XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-DYCDLGHISA-N O[2H] sketch of s14940637.gif   Water-D1
7789200 D2O Deuterium oxide InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/i/hD2 XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-ZSJDYOACSA-N O([2H])[2H] sketch of s7789200.gif   Deuterium oxide; Dideuterium oxide; Heavy water; Heavy water-d2; Water(sup 2)-H2; Water, heavy; Water-d2
13968086 H3O+ hydronium cation InChI=1S/H2O/h1H2/p+1 XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-UHFFFAOYSA-O [OH3+] sketch of s13968086q1.gif   oxonium; Oxidanium; hydronium
14762948 F- Fluorine atom anion InChI=1S/FH/h1H/p-1 KRHYYFGTRYWZRS-UHFFFAOYSA-M [F-] F-   fluoride
14762948 F Fluorine atom InChI=1S/F YCKRFDGAMUMZLT-UHFFFAOYSA-N F F   Fluorine atom; Fluorine radical; fluorine
14762948 F+ Fluorine atom cation InChI=1S/F/q+1 LMHDQOWNISVSPD-UHFFFAOYSA-N [F+] F+  
14333267 DF Hydrofluoric acid-d InChI=1S/FH/h1H/i/hD KRHYYFGTRYWZRS-DYCDLGHISA-N F[2H] sketch of s14333267.gif   Deuterium fluoride; Hydrofluoric acid-d
7664393 HF- hydrogen fluoride anion InChI=1S/FH/h1H/q-1 AVYKNYBXEAFLBK-UHFFFAOYSA-N [FH-] sketch of s7664393q-1.gif  
7664393 HF Hydrogen fluoride InChI=1S/FH/h1H KRHYYFGTRYWZRS-UHFFFAOYSA-N F sketch of s7664393.gif   Acide fluorhydrique; Acido fluoridrico; Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid; Boron tribromide; Fluoric acid; Fluorowodor; Fluorwasserstoff; Fluorwaterstof; Hydrofluoric acid; Hydrofluoride; Hydrogen fluoride; Rubigine
7664393 HF+ hydrogen fluoride cation InChI=1S/FH/h1H/q+1 GCZNJFDPFDGYDB-UHFFFAOYSA-N [FH+] sketch of s7664393q1.gif  
12206676 H2F+ dihydrogen fluoride cation InChI=1S/FH2/h1H2/q+1 YNESUKSMQODWNS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [FH2+] sketch of s12206676q1.gif   fluoronium
7440019 Ne- Neon atom anion InChI=1S/Ne/q-1 OFRAWIXOCFNIFC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ne-] Ne-  
7440019 Ne Neon atom InChI=1S/Ne GKAOGPIIYCISHV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ne] Ne   Neon
7440019 Ne+ Neon atom cation InChI=1S/Ne/q+1 LANGVOCUTJKVFC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ne+] Ne+  
12200656 NeH neon hydrogen InChI=1S/HNe/h1H LBMJGAHVDNLTQZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NeH] sketch of s12200656.gif  
12200656 NeH+ neon hydrogen cation InChI=1S/Ne/p+1 GKAOGPIIYCISHV-UHFFFAOYSA-O [Ne].[H+] sketch of s12200656q1.gif  
7440235 Na- Sodium atom anion InChI=1S/Na/q-1 GVGHZEYNQYAORP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Na-] Na-  
7440235 Na Sodium atom InChI=1S/Na KEAYESYHFKHZAL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Na] Na   NA 1421; Natrium; Sodium
7440235 Na+ Sodium atom cation InChI=1S/Na/q+1 FKNQFGJONOIPTF-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Na+] Na+  
7646697 NaH- sodium hydride anion InChI=1S/Na.H/q-1; JCISVDFVUVXSDD-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Na][H-] sketch of s7646697q-1.gif  
7646697 NaH sodium hydride InChI=1S/Na.H MPMYQQHEHYDOCL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [NaH] sketch of s7646697.gif   NAH 80; Sodium hydride; Sodium hydride (NaH)
7646697 NaH+ sodium hydride cation InChI=1S/Na.H/q+1; FYDBACYJBJQTSN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Na][H+] sketch of s7646697q1.gif  
7439954 Mg- Magnesium atom anion InChI=1S/Mg/q-1 XUXSNMMFFZIQRU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Mg-] Mg-  
7439954 Mg Magnesium atom InChI=1S/Mg FYYHWMGAXLPEAU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Mg] Mg   Magnesio; Magnesium; Magnesium clippings; Magnesium pellets; Magnesium powder (pyrophoric); Magnesium powdered; Magnesium ribbons; Magnesium turnings; NA 1869; RMC
7439954 Mg+ Magnesium atom cation InChI=1S/Mg/q+1 XYAGEBWLYIDCRX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Mg+] Mg+  
14332537 MgH- magnesium monohydride anion InChI=1S/Mg.H/q-1; JICOAJQJSYTWQW-UHFFFAOYSA-N [MgH-] sketch of s14332537q-1.gif  
14332537 MgH- magnesium monohydride anion InChI=1/Mg.H/q-1;/rHMg/h1H/q-1 JICOAJQJSYTWQW-QZXZXGQDNA-N [MgH-] sketch of s14332537q-1.gif  
14332537 MgH magnesium monohydride InChI=1S/Mg.H RZCHRULKKYOSQS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [MgH] sketch of s14332537.gif   Magnesium hydride
14332537 MgH+ magnesium monohydride cation InChI=1S/Mg.H/q+1; LMAKMUADRKEOEM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [MgH+] sketch of s14332537q1.gif  
14332537 MgH+ magnesium monohydride cation InChI=1/Mg.H/q+1;/rHMg/h1H/q+1 LMAKMUADRKEOEM-CLVLUJLJNA-N [MgH+] sketch of s14332537q1.gif  
7693278 MgH2 magnesium dihydride InChI=1S/Mg.2H RSHAOIXHUHAZPM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [MgH2] sketch of s7693278.gif   Magnesium hydride
7429905 Al- Aluminum atom anion InChI=1S/Al/q-1 SBLSYFIUPXRQRY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Al-] Al-  
7429905 Al Aluminum atom InChI=1S/Al XAGFODPZIPBFFR-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Al] Al   Alaun; Aluminium; Aluminum; Aluminum 27
7429905 Al+ Aluminum atom cation InChI=1S/Al/q+1 KVLCHQHEQROXGN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Al+] Al+  
13967221 AlH- aluminum monohydride anion InChI=1S/Al.H/q-1; GPPJFULYRSNYHE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH-] sketch of s13967221q-1.gif  
13967221 AlH aluminum monohydride InChI=1S/Al.H SPRIOUNJHPCKPV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH] sketch of s13967221.gif   Aluminum hydride
13967221 AlH+ aluminum monohydride cation InChI=1S/Al.H/q+1; BSDSLUUQUQGTMP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH+] sketch of s13967221q1.gif  
13967221 AlH+ aluminum monohydride cation InChI=1/Al.H/q+1;/rAlH/h1H/q+1 BSDSLUUQUQGTMP-SDLXDVTNNA-N [AlH+] sketch of s13967221q1.gif  
14457659 AlH2- aluminum dihydride anion InChI=1S/Al.2H/q-1;; QCBHFZBUEQBFNL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH2-] sketch of s14457659q-1.gif  
14457659 AlH2- aluminum dihydride anion InChI=1/Al.2H/q-1;;/rAlH2/h1H2/q-1 QCBHFZBUEQBFNL-VTESIKLQNA-N [AlH2-] sketch of s14457659q-1.gif  
14457659 AlH2 aluminum dihydride InChI=1S/Al.2H AYENPGKIIRJZBT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH2] sketch of s14457659.gif  
14457659 AlH2+ aluminum dihydride cation InChI=1S/Al.2H/q+1;; GOQFGEHFZBDYEC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH2+] sketch of s14457659q1.gif  
14457659 AlH2+ aluminum dihydride cation InChI=1/Al.2H/q+1;;/rAlH2/h1H2/q+1 GOQFGEHFZBDYEC-URGSOASMNA-N [AlH2+] sketch of s14457659q1.gif  
7784216 AlH3- aluminum trihydride anion InChI=1S/Al.3H/q-1;;; VCQUXTJZTDLELV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH3-] sketch of s7784216q-1.gif  
7784216 AlH3- aluminum trihydride anion InChI=1/Al.3H/q-1;;;/rAlH3/h1H3/q-1 VCQUXTJZTDLELV-ACNMIOQWNA-N [AlH3-] sketch of s7784216q-1.gif  
7784216 AlH3- aluminum trihydride anion InChI=1S/Al.3H/q-1;;; VCQUXTJZTDLELV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH3-] sketch of s7784216q-1.gif  
7784216 AlH3 aluminum trihydride InChI=1S/Al.3H AZDRQVAHHNSJOQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH3] sketch of s7784216.gif   α-Aluminum trihydride; Alane; Aluminum hydride; Aluminum hydride (AlH3); Aluminum trihydride; alpha-Aluminum trihydride
7784216 AlH3 aluminum trihydride InChI=1/Al.3H/rAlH3/h1H3 AZDRQVAHHNSJOQ-FSBNLZEDNA-N [AlH3] sketch of s7784216.gif   α-Aluminum trihydride; Alane; Aluminum hydride; Aluminum hydride (AlH3); Aluminum trihydride; alpha-Aluminum trihydride
7784216 AlH3+ aluminum trihydride cation InChI=1S/Al.3H/q+1;;; UGETZQQDAYQULB-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH3+] sketch of s7784216q1.gif  
7784216 AlH3+ aluminum trihydride cation InChI=1S/Al.3H/q+1;;; UGETZQQDAYQULB-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AlH3+] sketch of s7784216q1.gif  
19469819 AlH4- Aluminum tetrahydride anion InChI=1S/Al.4H/q-1;;;; WVZWSVHLGBNEIG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Al-].[H].[H].[H].[H] sketch of s19469819q-1.gif  
7440213 Si- Silicon atom anion InChI=1S/Si/q-1 HJELPJZFDFLHEY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Si-] Si-  
7440213 Si Silicon atom InChI=1S/Si XUIMIQQOPSSXEZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Si] Si   Defoamer S-10; Silicon
7440213 Si+ Silicon atom cation InChI=1S/Si/q+1 FSLGCYNKXXIWGJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Si+] Si+  
13774942 SiH- silicon monohydride anion InChI=1S/HSi/h1H/q-1 YENZRLHDDWKZRA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH-] sketch of s13774942q-1.gif  
13774942 SiH Silylidyne InChI=1S/HSi/h1H QHGSGZLLHBKSAH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH] sketch of s13774942.gif   Silicon hydride; Silylidyne
13774942 SiH+ silicon monohydride cation InChI=1S/HSi/h1H/q+1 DNOWURJULUQXJY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH+] sketch of s13774942q1.gif  
13825906 SiH2- silicon dihydride anion InChI=1S/H2Si/h1H2/q-1 TXDGZDQGYYLGTJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH2-] sketch of s13825906q-1.gif  
13825906 SiH2 silicon dihydride InChI=1S/H2Si/h1H2 XMIJDTGORVPYLW-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH2] sketch of s13825906.gif   Silylene; Silylene radical
13825906 SiH2+ silicon dihydride cation InChI=1S/H2Si/h1H2/q+1 SYWMLUYLILUMRO-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH2+] sketch of s13825906q1.gif  
13765441 SiH3- Silyl anion InChI=1S/H3Si/h1H3/q-1 LNVJLOIIRUIQCP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH3-] sketch of s13765441q-1.gif  
13765441 SiH3 Silyl radical InChI=1S/H3Si/h1H3 OLRJXMHANKMLTD-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH3] sketch of s13765441.gif   Silyl radical; silyl
13765441 SiH3+ Silyl cation InChI=1S/H3Si/h1H3/q+1 SCABQASLNUQUKD-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH3+] sketch of s13765441q1.gif  
7803625 SiH4 Silane InChI=1S/H4Si/h1H4 BLRPTPMANUNPDV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH4] sketch of s7803625.gif   Monosilane; Silane; Silicane; Silicon hydride; Silicon hydride (SiH4); Silicon tetrahydride
7803625 SiH4+ Silane cation InChI=1S/H4Si/h1H4/q+1 WHUUBEIUVZVOTM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SiH4+] sketch of s7803625q1.gif  
7723140 P- Phosphorus atom anion InChI=1S/P/q-1 FFZANLXOAFSSGC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [P-] P-  
7723140 P Phosphorus atom InChI=1S/P OAICVXFJPJFONN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [P] P   Phosphorous; Phosphorus; Phosphorus, red; Phosphorus-30; Red phosphorus; White phosphorus
7723140 P+ Phosphorus atom cation InChI=1S/P/q+1 FTFMSLKBXSATDG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [P+] P+  
13967141 PH- phosphorus monohydride anion InChI=1S/HP/h1H/q-1 VRUBMEWWHJUCBX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [PH-] sketch of s13967141q-1.gif  
13967141 PH phosphorus monohydride InChI=1S/HP/h1H BHEPBYXIRTUNPN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [PH] sketch of s13967141.gif   Phosphinidene
13967141 PH+ phosphorus monohydride cation InChI=1S/HP/h1H/q+1 OVTNABWEZDTKEN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [PH+] sketch of s13967141q1.gif  
13765430 PH2- Phosphino anion InChI=1S/H2P/h1H2/q-1 JZWFHNVJSWEXLH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [PH2-] sketch of s13765430q-1.gif  
13765430 PH2 Phosphino radical InChI=1S/H2P/h1H2 FVZVCSNXTFCBQU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [PH2] sketch of s13765430.gif   Phosphino; Phosphino radical
13765430 PH2+ Phosphino cation InChI=1S/H2P/h1H2/q+1 UCEAQYMTODNVSU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [PH2+] sketch of s13765430q1.gif  
7803512 PH3 Phosphine InChI=1S/H3P/h1H3 XYFCBTPGUUZFHI-UHFFFAOYSA-N P sketch of s7803512.gif   Celphos; Delicia; Detia; Detia gas ex-B; Fosforowodor; Gas-ex-B; Hydrogen phosphide; Phosphene; Phosphine; Phosphorus hydride; Phosphorus trihydride; Phosphorwasserstoff; phosphane
7803512 PH3+ Phosphine cation InChI=1S/H3P/h1H3/q+1 UTXZMINRCDLQKG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [PH3+] sketch of s7803512q1.gif  
9000195 PH4+ phosphonium cation InChI=1S/H3P/h1H3/p+1 XYFCBTPGUUZFHI-UHFFFAOYSA-O [PH4+] sketch of s9000195q1.gif   Phosphine, protonated; phosphonium; phosphanium
7704349 S- Sulfur atom anion InChI=1S/S/q-1 ARNUDCKQSCEIEX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [S-] S-  
7704349 S Sulfur atom InChI=1S/S NINIDFKCEFEMDL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [S] S   Atomic sulfur; Brimstone; Flowers of sulfur; Sulfur; Sulfur atom
7704349 S+ Sulfur atom cation InChI=1S/S/q+1 NKARKLBRYYSBBM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [S+] S+  
13780239 DS Mercapto-d InChI=1S/HS/h1H/i1D PXQLVRUNWNTZOS-MICDWDOJSA-N [S][2H] sketch of s13780239.gif   Mercapto-D
13940211 HS- mercapto anion InChI=1S/H2S/h1H2/p-1 RWSOTUBLDIXVET-UHFFFAOYSA-M [SH-] sketch of s13940211q-1.gif   HS anion
13940211 HS Mercapto radical InChI=1S/HS/h1H PXQLVRUNWNTZOS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SH] sketch of s13940211.gif   Mercapto; Mercapto radical
13940211 HS+ sulfur monohydride cation InChI=1S/HS/h1H/q+1 GSVBMMRCPHEJKN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SH+] sketch of s13940211q1.gif  
13536942 D2S Hydrogen sulfide-d2 InChI=1S/H2S/h1H2/i/hD2 RWSOTUBLDIXVET-ZSJDYOACSA-N S([2H])[2H] sketch of s13536942.gif   Hydrogen sulfide-D2
7783064 H2S- Hydrogen sulfide anion InChI=1S/H2S/h1H2/q-1 ORXYGCWTUSCTLH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SH2-] sketch of s7783064q-1.gif  
7783064 H2S- Hydrogen sulfide anion InChI=1S/H2S/h1H2/q-1 ORXYGCWTUSCTLH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SH2-] sketch of s7783064q-1.gif  
7783064 H2S Hydrogen sulfide InChI=1S/H2S/h1H2 RWSOTUBLDIXVET-UHFFFAOYSA-N S sketch of s7783064.gif   Acide sulfhydrique; Dihydrogen monosulfide; Dihydrogen sulfide; Hepatic gas; Hydrogen sulfide; Hydrogen sulfide (H2S); Hydrogen sulfuric acid; Hydrogene sulfure; Hydrogen-sulphide-; Hydrosulfuric acid; Idrogeno solforato; Schwefelwasserstoff; Siarkowodor; Stink damp; Sulfur hydride; Sulfureted hydrogen; Sulfuretted hydrogen; Zwavelwaterstof; Sulfane
7783064 H2S+ Hydrogen sulfide cation InChI=1S/H2S/h1H2/q+1 PZLIRJTVVIBARZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SH2+] sketch of s7783064q1.gif  
18155210 H3S+ Sulfonium cation InChI=1S/H2S/h1H2/p+1 RWSOTUBLDIXVET-UHFFFAOYSA-O [SH3+] sketch of s18155210q1.gif   Sulfonium
22537151 Cl- Chlorine atom anion InChI=1S/ClH/h1H/p-1 VEXZGXHMUGYJMC-UHFFFAOYSA-M [Cl-] Cl-   chloride
22537151 Cl Chlorine atom InChI=1S/Cl ZAMOUSCENKQFHK-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Cl] Cl   Chlorine atom; Chlorine radical; chlorine
22537151 Cl+ Chlorine atom cation InChI=1S/Cl/q+1 KVPIFZRDXDYGBA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Cl+] Cl+  
7698057 DCl Hydrochloric acid-d InChI=1S/ClH/h1H/i/hD VEXZGXHMUGYJMC-DYCDLGHISA-N [2HCl] sketch of s7698057.gif   Hydrochloric acid-d
7647010 HCl- hydrogen chloride anion InChI=1S/ClH/h1H/q-1 XTUZKALZYULBAJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ClH-] sketch of s7647010q-1.gif  
7647010 HCl Hydrogen chloride InChI=1S/ClH/h1H VEXZGXHMUGYJMC-UHFFFAOYSA-N Cl sketch of s7647010.gif   Acide chlorhydrique; Acido cloridrico; Basilin; Chlorohydric acid; Chlorwasserstoff; Hydrochloric Acid; Hydrochloric acid gas; Hydrochloride; Hydrogen chloride; Muriatic acid; NA 1789
7647010 HCl+ hydrogen chloride cation InChI=1S/ClH/h1H/q+1 BMELVZUCMXKZLN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ClH+] sketch of s7647010q1.gif  
42348414 H2Cl+ dihydrogen monochloride cation InChI=1S/ClH2/h1H2/q+1 IGJWHVUMEJASKV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ClH2+] sketch of s42348414q1.gif   chloronium
7440371 Ar- Argon atom anion InChI=1S/Ar/q-1 WVEDPOPMYOEMCB-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ar-] Ar-  
7440371 Ar Argon atom InChI=1S/Ar XKRFYHLGVUSROY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ar] Ar   Argon
7440371 Ar+ Argon atom cation InChI=1S/Ar/q+1 XJVBHCCEUWWHMI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ar+] Ar+  
12254681 ArH+ Argon hydride cation InChI=1S/ArH/h1H/q+1 TVQSUVFYDVJWLI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ArH+] sketch of s12254681q1.gif  
13939156 H2Ar H2 Ar dimer InChI=1S/ArH2/ XKRFYHLGVUSROY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ArH2] sketch of s13939156.gif  
7440097 K- Potassium atom anion InChI=1S/K/q-1 UWWOIRWVTCLRBA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [K-] K-  
7440097 K Potassium atom InChI=1S/K ZLMJMSJWJFRBEC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [K] K  
7440097 K+ Potassium atom cation InChI=1S/K/q+1 NPYPAHLBTDXSSS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [K+] K+  
7693267 KH Potassium hydride InChI=1S/K.H NTTOTNSKUYCDAV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [KH] sketch of s7693267.gif  
7693267 KH+ Potassium hydrogen cation InChI=1S/K.H/q+1; IVAWLQKTSHESMG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [KH+] sketch of s7693267q1.gif  
7440702 Ca- Calcium atom anion InChI=1S/Ca/q-1 XKKBEAHLYVJDCI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ca-] Ca-  
7440702 Ca Calcium atom InChI=1S/Ca OYPRJOBELJOOCE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ca] Ca  
7440702 Ca+ Calcium atom cation InChI=1S/Ca/q+1 JDMNMMCDWTVNSP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ca+] Ca+  
14452756 CaH Calcium monohydride InChI=1S/Ca.H PKHCKQOIOXDRJH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CaH] sketch of s14452756.gif  
14452756 CaH+ Calcium monohydride cation InChI=1S/Ca.H/q+1; RCNSIXLSPLIYSS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CaH+] sketch of s14452756q1.gif  
7789788 CaH2 Calcium Hydride InChI=1S/Ca.2H FAQLAUHZSGTTLN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CaH2] sketch of s7789788.gif   Calcium dihydride; calcium hydride
7789788 CaH2 Calcium Hydride InChI=1S/Ca.2H FAQLAUHZSGTTLN-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CaH2] sketch of s7789788.gif   Calcium dihydride; calcium hydride
7440202 Sc Scandium atom InChI=1S/Sc SIXSYDAISGFNSX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Sc] Sc  
7440202 Sc+ Scandium cation InChI=1S/Sc/q+1 MHBCCBGBYYHDBC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Sc+] Sc+  
33486021 ScH Scandium monohydride InChI=1S/Sc.H ZTOCXCPDHKWLBM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ScH] sketch of s33486021.gif  
33486021 ScH+ Scandium monohydride cation InChI=1S/Sc.H/q+1; PMPBZPSFNVZWMY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ScH+] sketch of s33486021q1.gif  
43238079 ScH3 Scandium trihydride InChI=1S/Sc.3H NTLPNEDDYLQQDI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ScH3] sketch of s43238079.gif   Scandium hydride
43238079 ScH3 Scandium trihydride InChI=1S/Sc.3H NTLPNEDDYLQQDI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ScH3] sketch of s43238079.gif   Scandium hydride
13776993 TiH Titanium monohydride InChI=1S/Ti.H FUMHXHODRLFENL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [TiH] sketch of s13776993.gif  
7440326 Ti- Titanium atom anion InChI=1S/Ti/q-1 GYWHMGQAAYKUQS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ti-] Ti-  
7440326 Ti Titanium atom InChI=1S/Ti RTAQQCXQSZGOHL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ti] Ti  
7440326 Ti+ Titanium atom cation InChI=1S/Ti/q+1 NWCHXEGXZIUQJS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ti+] Ti+  
7440622 V Vanadium atom InChI=1S/V LEONUFNNVUYDNQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [V] V  
7440622 V+ Vanadium atom cation InChI=1S/V/q+1 [V+] V+  
7440473 Cr Chromium atom InChI=1S/Cr [Cr] Cr  
13966795 CrH Chromium hydride InChI=1S/Cr.H [CrH] sketch of s13966795.gif   Chromium monohydride
13966795 CrH+ Chromium hydride cation InChI=1S/Cr.H/q+1; [CrH+] sketch of s13966795q1.gif   Protonated Chromium
7439965 Mn Manganese atom InChI=1S/Mn [Mn] Mn  
7439896 Fe Iron atom InChI=1S/Fe XEEYBQQBJWHFJM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Fe] Fe  
7440484 Co Cobalt atom InChI=1S/Co [Co] Co  
7440020 Ni Nickel atom InChI=1S/Ni [Ni] Ni  
7440508 Cu- Copper atom anion InChI=1S/Cu/q-1 RKADKOKIYLNVPJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Cu-] Cu-  
7440508 Cu Copper atom InChI=1S/Cu RYGMFSIKBFXOCR-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Cu] Cu  
7440508 Cu+ Copper atom cation InChI=1S/Cu/q+1 VMQMZMRVKUZKQL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Cu+] Cu+  
13517005 CuH Copper monohydride InChI=1S/Cu.H JJFLDSOAQUJVBF-UHFFFAOYSA-N [CuH] sketch of s13517005.gif  
7440666 Zn- Zinc atom anion InChI=1S/Zn/q-1 UFLZNUWLGDSEQA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Zn-] Zn-  
7440666 Zn Zinc atom InChI=1S/Zn HCHKCACWOHOZIP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Zn] Zn  
7440666 Zn+ Zinc atom cation InChI=1S/Zn/q+1 PLSXAKJQEDOMBH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Zn+] Zn+  
13981878 ZnH Zinc monohydride InChI=1S/Zn.H FLVYKYVLYPYTAY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ZnH] sketch of s13981878.gif  
13981878 ZnH+ Zinc, protonated InChI=1S/Zn.H/q+1; [ZnH+] sketch of s13981878q1.gif  
14018827 ZnH2 Zinc hydride InChI=1S/Zn.2H ZULTYUIALNTCSA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ZnH2] sketch of s14018827.gif  
14018827 ZnH2 Zinc hydride InChI=1S/Zn.2H ZULTYUIALNTCSA-UHFFFAOYSA-N [ZnH2] sketch of s14018827.gif  
7440553 Ga- Gallium atom anion InChI=1S/Ga/q-1 CWZISXLENQJSCT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ga-] Ga-  
7440553 Ga Gallium atom InChI=1S/Ga GYHNNYVSQQEPJS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ga] Ga  
7440553 Ga+ Gallium atom cation InChI=1S/Ga/q+1 IFQPNYVMPDHHHH-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ga+] Ga+  
13572924 GaH Gallium monohydride InChI=1S/Ga.H XBIFJPLECUHRFG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GaH] sketch of s13572924.gif  
13572924 GaH+ Gallium monohydride cation InChI=1S/Ga.H/q+1; PIBWUQQSMYRAAW-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GaH+] sketch of s13572924q1.gif  
13572935 GaH3 Gallium trihydride InChI=1S/Ga.3H PHMDYZQXPPOZDG-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GaH3] sketch of s13572935.gif  
7440564 Ge- Germanium anion InChI=1S/Ge/q-1 HAIDGNUGORKGFS-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ge-] Ge-  
7440564 Ge Germanium atom InChI=1S/Ge GNPVGFCGXDBREM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ge] Ge  
7440564 Ge+ Germanium cation InChI=1S/Ge/q+1 GJURCGDBQJCAEQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Ge+] Ge+  
13572991 GeH germylidene InChI=1S/GeH/h1H ROUHNNRKLNITEM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GeH] sketch of s13572991.gif  
13572991 GeH+ Germaniun monohyrdide cation InChI=1S/GeH/h1H/q+1 VBLCRKLUGXNPLU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GeH+] sketch of s13572991q1.gif  
24968556 GeH2- germylene anion InChI=1S/GeH2/h1H2/q-1 JAQAYQUCMJAWLC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GeH2-] sketch of s24968556q-1.gif  
24968556 GeH2 germylene InChI=1S/GeH2/h1H2 MWRNXFLKMVJUFL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GeH2] sketch of s24968556.gif  
13765452 GeH3 Germyl radical InChI=1S/GeH3/h1H3 WHYHZFHCWGGCOP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GeH3] sketch of s13765452.gif  
13765452 GeH3+ germyl cation InChI=1S/GeH3/h1H3/q+1 VBLCRKLUGXNPLU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GeH3+] sketch of s13765452q1.gif  
7782652 GeH4 Germane InChI=1S/GeH4/h1H4 QUZPNFFHZPRKJD-UHFFFAOYSA-N [GeH4] sketch of s7782652.gif  
7440382 As- Arsenic anion InChI=1S/As/q-1 SAYILIZETGBEGT-UHFFFAOYSA-N [As-] As-  
7440382 As Arsenic atomic InChI=1S/As RQNWIZPPADIBDY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [As] As   Arsen
7440382 As+ Arsenic cation InChI=1S/As/q+1 QJMDPKWWZYVKPP-UHFFFAOYSA-N [As+] As+  
12628089 AsH Arsenic monohydride InChI=1S/AsH/h1H UIESIEAPEWREMY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AsH] sketch of s12628089.gif  
12628089 AsH+ Arsenic monohydride cation InChI=1S/AsH/h1H/q+1 YNRJCPSAOKLVNQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AsH+] sketch of s12628089q1.gif  
14644452 AsH2 Arsenic dihydride InChI=1S/AsH2/h1H2 WLQSSCFYCXIQDZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AsH2] sketch of s14644452.gif  
14644452 AsH2+ Arsenic dihydride cation InChI=1S/AsH2/h1H2/q+1 SVZSKDKRFCIVHU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AsH2+] sketch of s14644452q1.gif  
7784421 AsH3 Arsine InChI=1S/AsH3/h1H3 RBFQJDQYXXHULB-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AsH3] sketch of s7784421.gif   Arsenic trihydride; Arsenic hydride; Arsenous hydride; Hydrogen arsenide; arsine
7784421 AsH3+ Arsine cation InChI=1S/AsH3/h1H3/q+1 LTKWZIUEGOOERX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [AsH3+] sketch of s7784421q1.gif  
7782492 Se- Selenium atom anion InChI=1S/Se/q-1 SUHKCRJAAHZROE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Se-] Se-  
7782492 Se Selenium atom InChI=1S/Se BUGBHKTXTAQXES-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Se] Se   Selenium
7782492 Se+ Selenium atom cation InChI=1S/Se/q+1 XEBNFCTZPFEGJZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Se+] Se+  
13940222 HSe- selenium monohydride anion InChI=1S/H2Se/h1H2/p-1 SPVXKVOXSXTJOY-UHFFFAOYSA-M [SeH-] sketch of s13940222q-1.gif  
13940222 HSe Selenium monohydride InChI=1S/HSe/h1H VUGWMQXJZSOYNI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SeH] sketch of s13940222.gif  
13940222 HSe+ selenium monohydride cation InChI=1S/HSe/h1H/q+1 LVYQWKJDVCSMKZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SeH+] sketch of s13940222q1.gif  
7783075 H2Se Hydrogen selenide InChI=1S/H2Se/h1H2 SPVXKVOXSXTJOY-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SeH2] sketch of s7783075.gif   selane
7783075 H2Se+ Hydrogen selenide cation InChI=1S/H2Se/h1H2/q+1 OYCCEJDXRNNGFC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [SeH2+] sketch of s7783075q1.gif  
42423187 H3Se+ Hydrogen Selenide, protonated InChI=1S/H2Se/h1H2/p+1 SPVXKVOXSXTJOY-UHFFFAOYSA-O [SeH3+] sketch of s42423187q1.gif   Selenonium
10097322 Br- Bromine atom anion InChI=1S/BrH/h1H/p-1 CPELXLSAUQHCOX-UHFFFAOYSA-M [Br-] Br-   bromide
10097322 Br Bromine atom InChI=1S/Br WKBOTKDWSSQWDR-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Br] Br   bromine; bromine
10097322 Br+ Bromine atom cation InChI=1S/Br/q+1 SOUPRKFYMHZDHZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Br+] Br+  
10035106 HBr- hydrogen bromide anion InChI=1S/BrH/h1H/q-1 VNDNKBDGWXYLAJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BrH-] sketch of s10035106q-1.gif  
10035106 HBr hydrogen bromide InChI=1S/BrH/h1H CPELXLSAUQHCOX-UHFFFAOYSA-N Br sketch of s10035106.gif   Bromwasserstoff; Hydrobromic acid; hydrogen bromide
10035106 HBr+ hydrogen bromide cation InChI=1S/BrH/h1H CPELXLSAUQHCOX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BrH+] sketch of s10035106q1.gif  
36658545 H2Br+ protonated hydrogen bromide InChI=1S/BrH2/h1H2/q+1 WNNBBVLEFUBNE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BrH2+] sketch of s36658545q1.gif  
7439909 Kr Krypton atom InChI=1S/Kr DNNSSWSSYDEUBZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Kr] Kr   Krypton
7439909 Kr+ Krypton cation InChI=1S/Kr/q+1 [Kr+] Kr+  
75775529 KrH+ Protonated Krypton InChI=1S/KrH/h1H/q+1 YDDYRYFCLMHJOO-UHFFFAOYSA-N [KrH+] sketch of s75775529q1.gif   Krypton hydrogen cation
14362448 I- Iodine atom anion InChI=1S/HI/h1H/p-1 XMBWDFGMSWQBCA-UHFFFAOYSA-M [I-] I-   Iodide
14362448 I Iodine atom InChI=1S/I ZCYVEMRRCGMTRW-UHFFFAOYSA-N [I] I  
14362448 I+ Iodine atom cation InChI=1S/I/q+1 OCVXZQOKBHXGRU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [I+] I+  
10034852 HI Hydrogen iodide InChI=1S/HI/h1H XMBWDFGMSWQBCA-UHFFFAOYSA-N I sketch of s10034852.gif   Hydriodic acid; Hydroiodic acid; hydrogen iodide
7440633 Xe Xenon atom InChI=1S/Xe FHNFHKCVQCLJFQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Xe] Xe  
37276918 XeH+ Xenon, protonated InChI=1S/XeH/h1H/q+1 [XeH+] sketch of s37276918q1.gif  
14452596 Li2- lithium dimer anion InChI=1S/2Li/q;-1 DCXJJSWYYIPAAD-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li]=[Li-] sketch of s14452596q-1.gif  
14452596 Li2 Lithium diatomic InChI=1S/2Li SMBQBQBNOXIFSF-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li][Li] sketch of s14452596.gif   Lithium; Lithium dimer; dilithium
14452596 Li2+ lithium diatomic cation InChI=1S/2Li/q;+1 MUROIUMQESCVOM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li][Li+] sketch of s14452596q1.gif  
14452609 Be2- Beryllium dimer anion InChI=1S/2Be/q;-1 MPNVSFJMJLUABI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be-]#[Be] sketch of s14452609q-1.gif  
14452609 Be2 Beryllium diatomic InChI=1S/2Be SQOQGLGTQLQRCC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be][Be] sketch of s14452609.gif   Beryllium; diberyllium
14452609 Be2+ Beryllium diatomic cation InChI=1S/2Be/q;+1 OHDADTLFLQMTIK-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be+][Be] sketch of s14452609q1.gif  
9000365 LiBe Lithium Beryllium InChI=1S/Be.Li OXCFQWSYBCETRX-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li][Be] sketch of s9000365.gif  
14452610 B2- Boron diatomic anion InChI=1S/B2/c1-2/q-1 PZMBRWKYOAZOLI-UHFFFAOYSA-N [B-]#B sketch of s14452610q-1.gif  
14452610 B2 Boron diatomic InChI=1S/B2/c1-2 ZOCHARZZJNPSEU-UHFFFAOYSA-N [B]=[B] sketch of s14452610.gif   boron; boron dimer; diboron
14452610 B2+ Boron diatomic cation InChI=1S/B2/c1-2/q+1 NWEAICZXKBZCHB-UHFFFAOYSA-N [B+]=[B] sketch of s14452610q1.gif  
12523567 LiB Lithium boride InChI=1S/B.Li PPTSBERGOGHCHC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li][B] sketch of s12523567.gif   Lithium monoboride
57679637 BeB Beryllium monoboride InChI=1S/B.Be IIAHSYIVJGROSB-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be][B] sketch of s57679637.gif   Beryllium boride
16949158 LiBH4 Lithium borohydride InChI=1S/BH4.Li/h1H4;/q-1;+1 UUKMSDRCXNLYOO-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li+].[BH4-] sketch of s16949158.gif   lithium tetrahydroborate
18099451 B2H4 Diborane(4) D2d InChI=1S/B2H4/c1-2/h1-2H2 QSJRRLWJRLPVID-UHFFFAOYSA-N BB sketch of s18099451.gif  
9000348 HBHHBH Diborane(4) C2V InChI=1S/B2H4/c1-3-2-4-1/h1-2H DMJZZSLVPSMWCS-UHFFFAOYSA-N B.B sketch of s9000348.gif  
19287457 B2H6 Diborane InChI=1S/B2H6/c1-3-2-4-1/h1-2H2 KLDBIFITUCWVCC-UHFFFAOYSA-N [BH2]1[H][BH2][H]1 sketch of s19287457.gif   Boron hydride; Diboron hexahydride; Boroethane
57788939 LiC Lithium Carbide InChI=1S/C.Li YZSKZXUDGLALTQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Li][C] sketch of s57788939.gif  
57788940 BeC beryllium carbide triplet InChI=1S/C.Be XBJYWZKBHDUHGE-UHFFFAOYSA-N [Be][C] sketch of s57788940.gif  
12011540 BC- boron monocarbide anion InChI=1S/CB/c1-2/q-1 PTCGYRYBWREJNW-UHFFFAOYSA-N B#[C-] sketch of s12011540q-1.gif   Boron carbide
12011540 BC boron monocarbide InChI=1S/CB/c1-2 UPGPUHVYNXOPJN-UHFFFAOYSA-N B#[C] sketch of s12011540.gif   Boron carbide
12011540 BC+ boron monocarbide cation InChI=1S/CB/c1-2/q+1 ONHLBSUXAJZTBR-UHFFFAOYSA-N B#[C+] sketch of s12011540q1.gif   Boron carbide
12070154 C2- carbon diatomic anion InChI=1S/C2/c1-2/q-1 XHWLRFQJZNQFGO-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C-]=[C] sketch of s12070154q-1.gif  
12070154 C2 Carbon diatomic InChI=1S/C2/c1-2 LBVWYGNGGJURHQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C]#[C] sketch of s12070154.gif   Carbon (C2); Carbon dimer; Dicarbon
12070154 C2+ carbon diatomic cation InChI=1S/C2/c1-2/q+1 ADIRGMFQWJHVBM-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C+]#[C] sketch of s12070154q1.gif  
2122487 C2H- Ethynyl anion InChI=1S/C2H/c1-2/h1H/q-1 BLRXYTIIKIPJQL-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C-]#C sketch of s2122487q-1.gif  
2122487 C2H Ethynyl radical InChI=1S/C2H/c1-2/h1H XEHVFKKSDRMODV-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C]#C sketch of s2122487.gif   Ethynyl; Ethynyl radical
2122487 C2H+ Ethynyl cation InChI=1S/C2H/c1-2/h1H/q+1 UAYUAPRVBCKABF-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C+]#C sketch of s2122487q1.gif  
2122487 C2H+ Ethynyl cation InChI=1S/C2H/c1-2/h1H/q+1 UAYUAPRVBCKABF-UHFFFAOYSA-N [C+]#C sketch of s2122487q1.gif  

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