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Species with point groups that differ from experiment at B97D3/TZVP

  Point group
Species Name Experimental Calculated
HD Deuterium hydride C∞v D∞h
BH3+ boron trihydride cation D3h C2v
CH4+ Methane cation Td Cs
HDO Water-d1 Cs C2v
AlH3+ aluminum trihydride cation D3h C2v
SiH2D2 silane-d2 C2v C1
SiH4+ Silane cation C2v C1
H2S- Hydrogen sulfide anion Cs C2v
CaH2 Calcium Hydride C2v D∞h
ZnH2 Zinc hydride C2v D∞h
C2H+ Ethynyl cation C∞v Cs
C2H+ Ethynyl cation Cs C∞v
BeOH beryllium monohydroxide Cs C∞v
MgOH magnesium hydroxide C∞v Cs
CH3S thiomethoxy C3v C1
ZnCH2 Zinc methylene C2v C1
CH3CN- acetonitrile anion C3v C1
CH3CN+ Acetonitrile cation C3v C1
BO2 Boron dioxide D∞h C∞v
HCCO ketenyl radical C∞v Cs
CH3OO- methylperoxy anion Cs C1
CaF2 Calcium difluoride C2v D∞h
ZnCl2 Zinc dichloride C2v D∞h
Zn(CH3)2 dimethyl zinc D3d D3
Zn(CH3)2 dimethyl zinc C2v D3d
C4H4 cyclobutadiene D4h D2h
CHCCH2CH3 1-Butyne Cs C1
C4H6 1-Methylcyclopropene C1 Cs
NO3 Nitrogen trioxide D3h C2v
C3H4O Methylketene Cs C1
NH2CONH2+ Urea cation C2v Cs
CH3COCH3 Acetone C2v C2
SO3- Sulfur trioxide anion D3h C3v
ClF3 Chlorine trifluoride D3h C2v
ClF3 Chlorine trifluoride C2v D3h
C3H5Cl 1-Propene, 3-chloro- Cs C1
CH2BrCH2Br Ethane, 1,2-dibromo- C2 C1
C5H5 cyclopentadienyl radical D5h C2v
C5H6 Cyclopropylacetylene Cs C1
C5H8 1,3-Pentadiene, (Z)- Cs C1
C5H8 1,2-Pentadiene C1 Cs
C5H8 2,3-Pentadiene C2 C1
C(CH3)3NH2 2-Propanamine, 2-methyl- C1 Cs
C(NH2)H2CH2CH2CH3 1-Butanamine C1 Cs
C3O2 Carbon suboxide C2v Cs
HOCH2COOH Hydroxyacetic acid Cs C1
CH3OCH2CN Methoxyacetonitrile Cs C1
C4H6O Cyclobutanone C2v Cs
C2H6N2O Urea, methyl- Cs C1
C3H6O2 1,3-Dioxolane Cs C1
C4H8O Furan, tetrahydro- Cs C2
H3PO4 Phosphoric Acid C3 C1
C4H8S Thiophene, tetrahydro- C1 C2
CHCl2CHO dichloroacetaldehyde C1 Cs
CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate C2v Cs
CBrCl3 Methane, bromotrichloro- C3v Cs
C6H6 2,4-Hexadiyne D3d C1
C6H10 3-Hexyne C2v C2
C6H12 (E)-2-Hexene C1 Cs
C6H12 3-methylenepentane C1 C2
C6H14 Butane, 2,2-dimethyl- C1 Cs
C2O4-- oxalate anion D2d D2h
HCONH2CN2H4 formamide aminomethanimine dimer Cs C1
C5H10O 2-Pentanone C1 Cs
B2F4 Diboron tetrafluoride D2h D2d
C5H10S 3-Ethylthio-1-propene Cs C1
ClF5 chlorinepentafluoride C4v C1
B2Cl4 Diboron tetrachloride C1 D2h
C4H8Cl2 Butane, 2,3-dichloro-, (r*,r*)-(.+/-.)- C2 C1
C6H15N triethylamine C3 C1
C5H5NO 3(2H)-Pyridinone Cs C1
C8H14 Bicyclo[2.2.2]octane D3h D3
C6H12O2 Hexanoic acid Cs C1
C4F4 tetrafluorcyclobutadiene D4h D2h
Fe(C5H5)2 ferrocene D5h Cs
C24H12 Coronene D6h D2h
C60 Buckminsterfullerene Ih Ci