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Experimental data for PBr (Phosphorus monobromide)

22 02 02 11 45
Other names
InChI=1S/BrP/c1-2 [P]Br
State Conformation
3Σ C*V
Enthalpy of formation (Hfg), Entropy, Integrated heat capacity (0 K to 298.15 K) (HH), Heat Capacity (Cp)
Property Value Uncertainty units Reference Comment
Hfg(298.15K) enthalpy of formation 162.60   kJ mol-1 webbook
Hfg(0K) enthalpy of formation     kJ mol-1 webbook
Entropy (298.15K) entropy 249.20   J K-1 mol-1 webbook
Heat Capacity (298.15K) heat capacity 35.36   J K-1 mol-1 webbook
Information can also be found for this species in the NIST Chemistry Webbook
Vibrational levels (cm-1) vibrations
Mode Number Symmetry Frequency Intensity Comment Description
Fundamental(cm-1) Harmonic(cm-1) Reference (km mol-1) unc. Reference
1 Σ   458 1979Col:1051       79Br

Detailed diatomic data
ωe ωexe ωeye Be αe ZPE reference
458.35 1.6 0.16067 0.00069 1979Col:1051

vibrational zero-point energy:   cm-1 (from fundamental vibrations)
Calculated vibrational frequencies for PBr (Phosphorus monobromide).
Rotational Constants (cm-1) rotational constants
See section I.F.4 to change rotational constant units
A B C reference comment
  0.16067   1979Col:1051 79Br

Calculated rotational constants for PBr (Phosphorus monobromide).
Product of moments of inertia moments of inertia
104.9208amu Å2   1.742279E-38gm cm2
Geometric Data
picture of Phosphorus monobromide

Point Group C∞v

Internal coordinates
distances (r) in Å, angles (a) in degrees, dihedrals (d) in degrees
Description Value unc. Connectivity Reference Comment
Atom 1 Atom 2 Atom 3 Atom 4
rPBr 2.171   1 2 1979Col:1051

Atom x (Å) y (Å) z (Å)
P1 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000
Br2 0.0000 0.0000  

Atom - Atom Distances bond lengths
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  P1 Br2