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List of experimental bond angles of type aCOC

Bond angles in degrees.
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Bond type Species Name Angle Comment
aCOC C2H4O Ethylene oxide 61.59 from symmetry
aCOC C3H6O Oxetane 91.80
aCOC C3H3NO Oxazole 103.90
aCOC C4H4O Furan 106.60
aCOC C4H2O3 Maleic Anhydride 107.90
aCOC C3H6O3 1,3,5-Trioxane 109.50
aCOC C4H10O2 Ethane, 1,2-dimethoxy- 110.70
aCOC C4H8O2 1,3-Dioxane 110.90
aCOC CH3OCH3 Dimethyl ether 111.20 rs
aCOC C5H8O 2H-Pyran, 3,4-dihydro- 111.60 !assumed
aCOC CH3OC2H5 Ethane, methoxy- 111.70
aCOC C4H10O Methyl propyl ether 112.00
aCOC C4H10O Ethoxy ethane 112.10
aCOC C5H10O 2H-Pyran, tetrahydro- 112.30
aCOC C4H10O Propane, 2-methoxy- 112.50
aCOC C6H5OCH3 Anisole 113.80
aCOC C3H8O2 Methane, dimethoxy- 114.60
aCOC CH3OCHO methyl formate 114.80
aCOC C4H8O2 Ethyl acetate 115.70
aCOC CH2C(CH3)OCH3 1-Propene, 2-methoxy- 116.00
aCOC C5H12O Butane, 1-methoxy- 118.90
Average 108.58 ±12.08
Min 61.59
Max 118.90