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List of experimental bond angles of type aHCCl

Bond angles in degrees.
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Bond type Species Name Angle Comment
aHCCl CH2CHCH2CH2Cl 1-Butene, 4-chloro- 106.50
aHCCl CHCl3 Chloroform 107.98 from symmetry
aHCCl CH2Cl2 Methylene chloride 108.27 derived from other angles
aHCCl CHFClBr fluorochlorobromomethane 108.50 fixed
aHCCl CH2ClCHClCH3 Propane, 1,2-dichloro- 109.00
aHCCl CH2FCl fluorochloromethane 109.40
aHCCl CHF2Cl difluorochloromethane 110.74
aHCCl CH3Cl Methyl chloride 110.75
aHCCl CHClCHCl Ethene, 1,2-dichloro-, (Z)- 112.55
Average 109.30 ±1.81
Min 106.50
Max 112.55