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Molecules with As in CCCBDB

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Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
As Arsenic atomic As+ Arsenic cation As- Arsenic anion
AsH Arsenic monohydride AsH+ Arsenic monohydride cation
AsN Arsenic mononitride
AsO Arsenic monoxide
AsF Arsenic monofluoride
AsP Arsenic monophosphide
AsS Arsenic monosulfide
AsCl Arsenic monochloride
GaAs Gallium arsenide
As2 Arsenic diatomic
AsSe Arsenic monoselenide
AsH2 Arsenic dihydride AsH2+ Arsenic dihydride cation
AsO2 Aresenic dioxide
AsH3 Arsine AsH3+ Arsine cation
   AsH4+ Arsonium
AsF3 Arsenic trifluoride
AsCl3 Arsenous trichloride
As4 Arsenic tetramer
AsBr3 Arsenic tribromide
   AsF3H+ Arsenic trifluoride, protonated
AsF5 Arsenic pentafluoride
As(CH3)3 trimethyl arsine