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Molecules with Se in CCCBDB

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Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
Se Selenium atom Se+ Selenium atom cation Se- Selenium atom anion
HSe Selenium monohydride HSe+ selenium monohydride cation HSe- selenium monohydride anion
LiSe Lithium monoselenide
CSe Carbon monoselenide CSe+ Carbon monoselenide cation CSe- Carbon monoselenide anion
NSe Nitrogen monoselenide
SeO Selenium monoxide SeO+ selenium monoxide cation SeO- selenium monoxide anion
SeF Selenium monofluoride
SiSe Silicon Monoselenide SiSe+ Silicon Monoselenide cation
SeS Selenium monosulfide SeS+ selenium monosulfide cation SeS- selenium monosulfide anion
SeCl Selenium monochloride
GeSe Germanium monoselenide
AsSe Arsenic monoselenide
Se2 Selenium diatomic Se2+ selenium diatomic cation Se2- selenium diatomic anion
SeBr Selenium monobromide
H2Se Hydrogen selenide H2Se+ Hydrogen selenide cation
OCSe Carbonyl selenide
SeO2 Selenium dioxide SeO2+ Selenium dioxide cation
SeF2 Selenium difluoride
SCSe Carbon sulfide selenide
SeCl2 Selenium Dichloride
CSe2 Carbon diselenide
SeBr2 Selenium dibromide
   H3Se+ Hydrogen Selenide, protonated
H2CSe Selenoformaldehyde
SeO3 selenium trioxide
H2Se2 hydrogen diselenide
SeOCl2 selenium oxychloride
SeF4 Selenium tetrafluoride
CH3SeH Methane selenol
H2SeO4 Selenic acid
SeF6 Selenium hexafluoride
CH3SeCH3 dimethylselenide
C4H4Se selenophene