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Molecules with I in CCCBDB

Click on the molecule name for links to all the data in the CCCBDB for that molecule.
Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
I Iodine atom I+ Iodine atom cation I- Iodine atom anion
HI Hydrogen iodide HI+ Hydrogen iodide cation
LiI Lithium Iodide
IO Iodine monoxide
IF Iodine monofluoride
AlI Aluminum monoiodide
ICl Iodine monochloride
KI Potassium Iodide
IBr Iodine monobromide
I2 Iodine diatomic I2+ Iodine diatomic cation
   H2I+ Iodonium
HOI Hypoiodous acid
ICN Cyanogen iodide
INO Nitrosyl iodide
     I3- triiodide
NI3 Nitrogen triiodide
PI3 Phosphorus triiodide
CH3I methyl iodide
CH2FI fluoroiodomethane
SiH3I Silyl Iodide
CH2ClI chloroiodomethane
CHF2I difluoroiodomethane
CHFClI fluorochloroiodomethane
CF3I trifluoroiodomethane
CHCl2I dichloroiodomethane
CH2BrI bromoiodomethane
CCl3I trichloroiodomethane
CH2I2 Diiodomethane
CFClBrI fluorochlorobromoiodomethane
CF2I2 difluorodiiodomethane
CCl2I2 dichlorodiiodomethane
CBr3I tribromoiododmethane
CHI3 Iodoform
C2H3I Vinyl iodide
IF5 pentafluoroiodine
C2H5I Ethyl iodide
IF7 Iodine heptafluoride