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Molecules with P in CCCBDB

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Molecule Name Cation Name Anion Name
P Phosphorus atom P+ Phosphorus atom cation P- Phosphorus atom anion
PH phosphorus monohydride PH+ phosphorus monohydride cation PH- phosphorus monohydride anion
LiP Lithium monophosphide
BP Boron monophosphide
CP Carbon monophosphide CP+ carbon monophosphide cation CP- carbon monophosphide anion
PN Phosphorus mononitride PN+ phosphorus nitride cation PN- phosphorus nitride anion
PO Phosphorus monoxide PO+ phosphorus monoxide cation PO- phosphorus monoxide anion
PF phosphorus monofluoride PF+ phosphorus monofluoride cation PF- phosphorus monofluoride anion
AlP Aluminum monophosphide
SiP Silicon monophosphide SiP+ Silicon monophosphide cation SiP- Silicon monophosphide anion
P2 Phosphorus diatomic P2+ phosphorus diatomic cation P2- phosphorus diatomic anion
PS phosphorus sulfide PS+ phosphorus monosulfide cation PS- phosphorus monosulfide anion
PCl phosphorus chloride PCl+ phosphorus monochloride cation PCl- phosphorus monochloride anion
GaP Gallium monophosphide
AsP Arsenic monophosphide
PSe Phosphorus monoselenide
PBr Phosphorus monobromide
PH2 Phosphino radical PH2+ Phosphino cation PH2- Phosphino anion
HCP Phosphaethyne HCP+ Phosphaethyne cation
HPO Hydrogen phosphorus oxide HPO+ Hydrogen phosphorus oxide cation
PO2 Phosphorus dioxide PO2+ Phosphorus dioxide cation PO2- Phosphorus dioxide anion
PF2 Phosphorus difluoride PF2+ Phosphorus difluoride cation
PPO Phosphorus oxide phosphide
OPCl Phosphorus oxychloride
PH3 Phosphine PH3+ Phosphine cation
PF3 Phosphorus trifluoride
P4 Phosphorus tetramer
PCl3 Phosphorus trichloride
PBr3 Phosphorus tribromide
PI3 Phosphorus triiodide
PH4 Phosphoranyl radical PH4+ phosphonium cation
CH2PH Phosphaethene
H3PO Phosphine oxide
H2POH Phosphinous acid
     PO4--- phosphate
F3PO Phosphoryl fluoride
Cl3PO Phosphoryl chloride
P2H4 Diphosphine
PF5 Phosphorus pentafluoride
N3P3 1,3,5,2,4,6-Triazatriphosphorine
PCl5 Phosphorus pentachloride
CH3PH2 Methyl phosphine
PF3CH2 phosphorane, trifluoromethylene-
CF3PH2 phosphine, (trifluoromethyl)-
PF6 Hexafluorophosphate neutral    PF6- Hexafluorophosphate ion
BH3PH3 borane phosphine
   CH3PH3+ methyl phosphine, protonated
H3PO4 Phosphoric Acid
CH3PHCH3 dimethylphosphine
P(CH3)3 trimethylphosphine